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Mob Wives

Mob Wives

Photo Credit:  VH1
  • Premiered: 
    April 17, 2011
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  • Network: VH1
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Created by Jennifer Graziano 
  • Subject Matter:
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Plot Synopsis

MOB WIVES is a one-hour reality series that follows a group of women who have family ties to the mob, as they hang out together, struggle to establish their own identities, and battle their friends, families and each other. After their husbands or fathers were sentenced to jail for mob-related crimes, four Staten Island women in Season 1 tried to balance their allegiance to their former life with their desire to raise their children in a different environment. The mob wives in the first season were: Renee Graziano -- the daughter of Anthony Graziano, a high ranking member of La Cosa Nostra -- who founded her own greeting-card company Jail Mail and was raising her son AJ; Karen Gravano -- the daughter of the mobster Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano who cooperated with the government to help take down John Gotti and the Gambino crime family -- who had just moved back to Staten Island with her daughter Karina after running her own company in Arizona for 11 years; Drita D'avanzo -- the wife of Lee D'avanzo who federal prosecutors alleged was the leader of a Bonanno and Colombo crime family farm team -- who was raising two young daughters, Aleeya (9) and Gizelle (3); and Carla Facciolo -- the daughter of a man sent to prison and the wife of a stockbroker who got indicted and convicted for a boiler room scandal -- who was a stay-at-home mom with twins and a sales rep for a juice company. In Season 2, Ramona Rizzo, the granddaughter of New York Bonnano crime man 'Lefty Guns' Ruggiero, joined the cast. Season 3 picked up with the women trying to move on. In the wake of ex-husband's betrayal, Renee battled an ongoing secret which proved to be too much for her to handle alone. Big Ang coped with the fallout from her son's drug rehab and final sentencing, and Drita learned that her husband was going to be released from jail. Plus, MOB WIVES welcomed a seventh mob wife, Love Majewski, who was back in town to connect with old friends. At the end of Season 3, Drita had finally decided to let her husband back into her and their two daughters' lives. Plus, Renee and her son AJ were mending their relationship following Renee's stint in rehab; meanwhile, Ang was trying to do her best to remain neutral. VH1 aired the Season 4 premiere of this series on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 10pm ET/PT. For the show's fourth season, the series had a new title, MOB WIVES: NEW BLOOD, with Drita, Ang and Renee welcoming two new mob wives: Alicia DiMichele -- the wife of Eddie 'Tall Guy' Garofalo, indicted for racketeering, extortion, and conspiracy to murder -- who stays busy raising three sons and running two designer boutiques; and Natalie Guercio, the owner of the family business, the Carto Funeral Home, which has a history of being the reputed go-to-spot for mob-related burials in South Philadelphia. MOB WIVES returned for its fifth season on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT on VH1. Cast members Renee Graziano, Drita D'Avanzo, Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola and Natalie Guercio know that family is everything and your word is your bond. The group is in for a surprise when Karen Gravano stages an unexpected return to Staten Island. Last season, lifelong friendships were put to the test as "New Blood" infiltrated this tight-knit circle, and these relationships remain as complicated and volatile as ever. Renee felt she was everyone's target, and she's not about to stand for it this time around. With her husband Lee finally out of prison, Drita finds that juggling a happy family life with a growing business is tougher than she had anticipated. Big Ang is typically the mediator when it comes to the others' quarrels, but this season she finds herself front and center with her own drama -- and her stress level is at an all-time high. With Alicia busy handling her legal troubles, Natalie is flying solo, and the other wives are beginning to question her character. During her hiatus from Staten Island, Karen heard rumors that some of the ladies have been talking behind her back -- something she doesn't take lightly. She returns fierce as ever, ready to show everyone that the 'baby bull' will not back down to anyone. The sixth and final season of MOB WIVES premiered on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 from 8-10pm ET/PT, with back-to-back new episodes on VH1 immediately following an eight-hour marathon (Noon-8pm) of encore episodes from the previous season. Coined MOB WIVES: THE LAST STAND, the new season returns the focus exclusively to where it all began - New York City. The Philly girls have left the building, and the 'OG' cast is back together on Staten Island, where they always keep it 'one-hundred' with each other. But amongst this sisterhood - could there be enemies within? Since the series premiere in 2011, the women have created new lives for themselves as their loved ones do time for alleged mob-related activities. For each of these women, the struggle is real, and sometimes betrayal is a way of life. "Mob Wives: The Last Stand" covers a particularly full range of stories: writing a personal tell-all, battling cancer and shuttering a beloved business, dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter, coping with a father's imprisonment, calling out supposed friends for being fake, or being the new girl and having to prove that you're authentic. Despite the high-octane drama these ladies are known for, they are more than just their 'reputed' mob connections. They are mothers and wives, businesswomen and entrepreneurs, and for the last time, they're putting it all on the line to survive. Complicating the situation even more, two local newcomers are about to make their presence known in no uncertain terms. Renee Graziano is trying to stay centered, focused, and above the drama. But in this world, steering clear of conflict is no easy task, and Renee soon dives right back in, giving in to old anger and animosities while also creating new ones. Karen Gravano is trying to kick-start her role as "momager" for her daughter Karina's modeling career while also trying to keep her relationship with her man Storm alive. Never letting her loyalty to her family die, Karen continues the crusade to get her father released early from prison. Drita D'Avanzo decides to write a tell-all memoir, causing tension on the home front with her ex-con husband Lee, while also dividing the group of women, some of whom are starting to wonder - is Drita a rat? Big Ang is struggling to tone down her non-stop lifestyle. Not only is she facing a major health crisis, but financial hardships are also taking their toll. On top of all this, the stress is causing major problems in her marriage to husband Neil. Carla Facciolo is back - and she's not going to be bullied or intimidated by anyone this season. Carla has restored her friendship with Karen and Renee, but she's not blind to Drita's tricks this time around. Fiesty and fiery, she is calling everyone to the carpet in search of the truth. Brittany Fogarty is the daughter of known gangster John Fogarty, and just moved back to the East Coast to be closer to her family. But with the history that's tied to the Fogarty name, not everyone on Staten Island is ready to receive her with open arms. Marissa Fiore is fairly new to the 'lifestyle.' She was brought into the mix and schooled by her tough guy boyfriend Jamie "OZ" Lansburg, who was recently released from prison. With her fierce beauty and strong sense of loyalty, Marissa's presence is bold.
On Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 8pm ET/PT, VH1 premiered "The Final Sitdown" special of MOB WIVES, immediately following a short marathon (3:50-8pm) of encore episodes. This new one-hour special featured never-before-seen footage will be shown to the women as they get ready for a final sitdown. Drita and Karen come together to settle old scores and Ang makes a heartfelt appearance in the midst of her intensive cancer treatment.


Other Titles

  • Title for Seasons 4: Mob Wives: New Blood
  • Season 6 known as: Mob Wives: The Last Stand

Production & Distribution

  • Produced by The Weinstein Company
  • Produced by Electus
  • Produced by Left/Right Productions


  • - Staten Island, New York USA