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NBC News Special

Episode List: NBC News Special

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    NBC  8.7     
    NBC  5.7     
    NBC  10.2     
  America at War  NBC  9.2     
  America at War  NBC  7.4     
  America at War  NBC  4.5     
  America at War  NBC  15.2     
  America at War  NBC  13.3     
  America at War  NBC  7.5     
  Busch/Quayle '92  NBC  7.1  15   
  Cuban Missile Crisis  NBC  13   
  The People vs. O.J. Simpson  NBC  5.9     
Special  A Handshake in Space  NBC       
Special  Brokaw: War in the Gulf  CBS  11.6     
01/26/1968 Special  The Loyal Opposition  NBC       
10/10/1974 Special  Tornado! 4:40PM, Xenia, OH  NBC       
11/17/1974 Special  President Ford's First 100 Days in Office  NBC       
11/24/1974 Special  And Who Shall Feed This World?  NBC       
12/15/1974 Special  UFOs: Do You Believe?  NBC       
12/23/1974 Special  The Navajo Way  NBC       
12/27/1974 Special  Jack Benny: We Remember  NBC       
01/01/1975 Special  If You Think It Was Tough To Make Ends Meet in 1974, Wait 'Til You Hear About 1975  NBC       
01/05/1975 Special  1974: The World Turned Upside Down  NBC       
01/09/1975 Special  Of Women and Men  NBC       
01/15/1975 Special  President Ford's State of the Union Message to Congress  NBC       
01/23/1975 Special  A Conversation with President Ford  NBC       
02/02/1975 Special  The Nuclear Threat to You  NBC       
03/02/1975 Special  The Loyal Opposition  NBC       
04/05/1975 Special  Rabin and Sadat: Peace or War?  NBC       
04/06/1975 Special  Many Unhappy Returns: A Report on Your Taxes  NBC       
04/10/1975 Special  America Abroad  NBC       
04/27/1975 Special  A Shooting Gallery Called America  NBC       
04/29/1975 Special  7382 Days in Vietnam  NBC       
06/01/1975 Special  The White-Collar Rip-Off  NBC       
06/29/1975 Special  A Country Called Watts  NBC       
07/14/1975 Special  Apollo-Soyuz Joint Space Mission  NBC       
07/14/1975 Special  Joint US-USSR Space Mission Preview  NBC       
08/02/1975 Special    NBC       
08/03/1975 Special  Mary Jane Grows Up: Marijuana in the '70s  NBC       
11/15/1975 Special  Senate Rules Committee Hearings on the Rockefeller Nomination for Vice-President  NBC       
01/13/1978   Henry Kissinger: On the Record  NBC       
06/24/1985 Special  Profile of a First Lady  NBC  12.7     
01/21/1986   AIDS  NBC  11.8     
09/05/1986 Special  Cocaine Country; Karachi  NBC  12.5     
11/25/1986     NBC  9.7     
01/06/1987 Special  The Arms, the Men, and the Money  NBC  6.4     
03/11/1987 Special  Nuclear Power: In France It Works  NBC  6.2     
04/04/1987 Special  The Baby Business  NBC  11.3     
06/03/1987 Special  Life in the Fat Lane  NBC  15.7  28   
07/01/1987   Six Days Plus 20 Years  NBC  6.7     
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