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Orphan Black

Episode List: Orphan Black

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
03/30/2013 01-001    BBC America       
04/06/2013   Instinct  BBC America       
04/13/2013   Variation Under Nature  BBC America       
04/20/2013   Effects of External Conditions  BBC America       
04/27/2013   Conditions of Existence  BBC America       
05/04/2013   Variations Under Domestication  BBC America       
05/11/2013   Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner  BBC America       
05/18/2013   Entangled Bank  BBC America       
05/25/2013   Unconcious Selection  BBC America       
06/01/2013   Endless Forms Most Beautiful  BBC America       
04/12/2014 Special  The Cloneversation  BBC America       
04/19/2014 02-001  Nature Under Constraint and Vexed  BBC America      0.62 
04/26/2014   Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion  BBC America      0.72 
05/03/2014   Mingling Its Own Nature with It  BBC America      0.45 
05/10/2014   Governed As It Were by Chance  BBC America      0.48 
05/17/2014   Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est  BBC America      0.5 
05/24/2014   To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings  BBC America      0.54 
05/31/2014   Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things  BBC America      0.5 
06/07/2014   Variable and Full of Perturbation  BBC America      0.58 
06/14/2014   Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done  BBC America      0.61 
06/21/2014   By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried  BBC America      0.54 
04/18/2015   The Weight of This Combination  WE      0.13 
04/18/2015   The Weight of This Combination  AMC      0.41 
04/18/2015   The Weight of This Combination  IFC      0.12 
04/18/2015   The Weight of This Combination  Sundance      0.08 
04/18/2015 03-001  The Weight of This Combination  BBC America      0.54 
04/25/2015   Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis  BBC America      0.42 
05/02/2015   Formalized, Complex, and Costly  BBC America      0.44 
05/09/2015   Newer Elements of Our Defense  BBC America      0.41 
05/16/2015   Scarred by Many Past Frustrations  BBC America      0.46 
05/23/2015   Certain Agony of the Battefield  BBC America      0.39 
05/30/2015   Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate  BBC America      0.37 
06/06/2015   Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method  BBC America      0.52 
06/13/2015   Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow  BBC America      0.4 
06/20/2015   History Yet to Be Written  BBC America      0.43 
04/14/2016 04-001  The Collapse of Nature  BBC America       
04/21/2016   Transgressive Border Crossing  BBC America       
04/28/2016   The Stigmata of Progress  BBC America       
05/05/2016   From Instinct to Rational Control  BBC America       
05/12/2016   Human Raw Material  BBC America       
05/19/2016   The Scandal of Altruism  BBC America       
05/26/2016   The Antisocialism of Sex  BBC America       
06/02/2016   The Redesign of Natural Objects  BBC America       
06/09/2016   The Mitigation of Competition  BBC America       
06/16/2016   From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths  BBC America       
06/10/2017 05-001  The Few Who Dare  BBC America       
06/17/2017   Clutch of Greed  BBC America       
06/24/2017   Beneath Her Heart  BBC America       
07/01/2017   Let the Children and Childbearers Toil  BBC America       
07/08/2017   Ease for Idle Millionaires  BBC America       
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