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Paid Off with Michael Torpey

Episode List: Paid Off with Michael Torpey

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
07/10/2018 01-001  You Call This a Game Show?  truTV       
07/17/2018   It's Brooklyn, Numbnuts!  truTV       
07/24/2018   Teacher's Edition  truTV       
07/31/2018   Getting High the Natural Way  truTV       
08/07/2018   New Parents Edition  truTV       
08/14/2018   That Guy Knows How to Have a Good Time  truTV       
08/21/2018   Better With a British Accent  truTV       
08/28/2018   Too Broke to Heal  truTV       
09/04/2018   Can You Major in Bar Trivia?  truTV       
09/11/2018   Eat, Drink, Poke???  truTV       
09/18/2018   How Much Debt Can a Debt-chipper Chip?  truTV       
09/25/2018   Breaking Even Is the New Rich  truTV       
10/02/2018   You've Got Some Mansplainin' to Do!  truTV       
10/09/2018   I'm All Out of Gum  truTV       
10/16/2018   First Generation to Grace the Halls of Higher Learning  truTV       
10/23/2018   Who Doesn't Like Pizza?  truTV       
05/13/2019 02-001  We're Still Screwed  truTV       
05/14/2019   Started With a Tweet  truTV       
05/15/2019   Back in the Nest  truTV       
05/16/2019   A Weird Thing to High-Five About  truTV       
05/21/2019   Houston, We Have a Tramp Stamp  truTV       
05/28/2019   Let 'Em Eat Cake  truTV       
06/04/2019   We Can Pay You in Guac  truTV       
06/11/2019   Too Broke to Wed  truTV       
06/18/2019   Student Debt: It's Not Sexy  truTV       
06/25/2019   Do Gooders Edition  truTV       
07/02/2019   Made in America  truTV       
07/09/2019   Hey! Chocolate  truTV       
07/16/2019   Back in the Nest  truTV       
07/23/2019   This is the U.S.A., Not the U.S.Ain't  truTV       
07/30/2019   That's Some Real Grown-Up Shit  truTV       
07/30/2019   You Stupid American  truTV