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Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

Episode List: Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
01/27/2019 00-001  Purrfect Party; Anubis Newbie  Nick       
01/28/2019 01-001  Purrfect Party; Anubis Newbie  NickToons       
01/29/2019   Catlantic City; Scaredy Cat  NickToons       
01/30/2019   It Takes Two to Talent; Pot Luck  NickToons       
01/31/2019   Sleeping Yeti; The Sand Crab Man  NickToons       
02/01/2019   The Loch Mess Monster; Might Meow and Super Lucha  NickToons       
02/17/2019   Gone With the Wand; Fountain of Too Much Youth  Nick       
02/24/2019   Nobody's Purrfect; Mythic Mounties  Nick       
03/02/2019   Snack Attack; The Backward Bug  Nick       
03/09/2019   Denzel in Distress; Meanotaur  Nick       
03/16/2019   Palace of the Powerless; My Fair Yeti  Nick       
03/31/2019   The Boaracle; Out of the Box  Nick       
04/07/2019   A Big Baby; Mythic Macaroons  Nick       
04/14/2019   Rudy Awakening; Bound to Be Friends  Nick       
04/28/2019   The Return of Mighty Meow and Super Lucha; Grumplestiltskin  Nick       
07/26/2019   The Winky  NickToons       
08/02/2019   Trivial Per Hoot  NickToons       
08/09/2019   Small Change  NickToons       
08/16/2019   Rip Van Stinkle  NickToons       
08/23/2019   Excali-Burt  NickToons       
08/30/2019   Ratted Out  NickToons       
10/13/2019   Disappearing Act  NickToons       
10/20/2019   Bumblebee Magnetic Karaoke Hippo  NickToons       
11/03/2019   Time Out  NickToons       
11/10/2019   Playing the Piper  NickToons       
11/17/2019   Shrinking Yeti  NickToons       
11/24/2019   Little Monster; The Great Mighty Mythic Marathon  NickToons       
12/01/2019   Merry Mythmas  NickToons