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Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

Episode List: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
08/13/2012 00-001  Last Stall on the Left  Disney XD       
09/17/2012 01-001  Got Stank  Disney XD       
09/18/2012   So U Think U Can Stank  Disney XD       
09/19/2012   McFists of Fury  Disney XD       
09/20/2012   Gossip Boy  Disney XD       
09/24/2012   House of 1,000 Boogers  Disney XD       
09/25/2012   Monster Dump  Disney XD       
09/26/2012   Attack of the Killer Potatoes  Disney XD       
09/27/2012   The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note  Disney XD       
10/15/2012   Dawn of the Driscoll; Night of the Living McFizzles  Disney XD       
10/16/2012   Viva El Nomicon  Disney XD       
10/17/2012   30 Seconds to Math  Disney XD       
10/18/2012   Monster Drill  Disney XD       
12/03/2012   Silent Punch, Deadly Punch  Disney XD       
03/04/2013   Stank'd to the Future; Wave Slayers  Disney XD       
03/11/2013   Sword Quest; Nukid on the Block  Disney XD       
03/18/2013   Wienerman Up; Evil Spirit Week  Disney XD       
03/25/2013   Der Monster Klub; Grave Puncher: The Movie!  Disney XD       
06/29/2013   Escape from Detention Island; Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja  Disney XD       
07/06/2013   Shoob Tube; Stanks Like Teen Spirit  Disney XD       
07/13/2013   Raiders of the Lost Nomicon; Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes  Disney XD       
07/20/2013   Secret Stache; Hiphopocalypse Now  Disney XD       
07/27/2013   Ninja Camp  Disney XD       
08/26/2013   McFear Factor  Disney XD       
10/05/2013   Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key; McFear Factor  Disney XD       
10/12/2013   Ninja Identity (Part 1 of 2); The Ninja Supremacy (Part 2 of 2)  Disney XD       
10/19/2013   Enter the Nomicon; Swampy Seconds  Disney XD       
10/26/2013   McSatchle; Fart-topia  Disney XD       
11/02/2013   The McHugger Games; McFreaks  Disney XD       
11/09/2013   Sorcerer in Love  Disney XD       
11/18/2013   Pranks for Nothing  Disney XD       
01/18/2014   Lucius O'Thunderpunch; Bring Me the Head of Raginald Bagel!  Disney XD       
01/25/2014   Weinerman Tested, Cunningham Approved; Sorcerer in Love 2: Sorcerer's Revenge  Disney XD       
02/01/2014   McOne Armed and Dangerous; Shloomp! There It Is!  Disney XD       
02/08/2014   13th Century Ninja (Part 1); 13th Century Ninja (Part 2)  Disney XD       
07/19/2014   On the Poolfront; Flume-Igation  Disney XD       
09/29/2014   Welcome Back Catfish; All the Juice That's Fish to Swim  Disney XD       
09/30/2014   Julian's Birthday Surprise; True Bromance  Disney XD       
10/01/2014   Unstank My Hart; Whoopee 2: The Wrath of Whoopee 2  Disney XD       
10/02/2014   M-M-M-my Bologna; Everybody Ninj-along  Disney XD       
10/03/2014   Fudge Factory; Best Buds  Disney XD       
10/10/2014   Otto Know Better; Brolateral Damage  Disney XD       
10/17/2014   The Cuse of Mudfart; Let the Wonk One In  Disney XD       
11/27/2014   Shoot First, Ask Questions Laser; Ninjeception  Disney XD       
12/03/2014   Happy Hanukkah, Howard Weinerman; Snow-Klahoma!  Disney XD       
03/16/2015   Randy Cunningham's Day Off; Bro-ing Down the House  Disney XD       
03/23/2015   Living in Shooblivion!; McNinja - Brought to You by McFist  Disney XD       
03/30/2015   Mastermind of Disastermind; The Brawn Also Rises  Disney XD       
04/06/2015   Debbie Meddle; Aplopalypse Now  Disney XD       
04/13/2015   Rorg: A Hero of a Past; Mort-al Combat  Disney XD       
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