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Episode List: Roadkill

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/17/2012 01-001    YouTube       
11/23/2018   Junkyard 1956 Buick Hack!  MotorTrend       
11/23/2018   Rear-Engine Mini-Truck Madness!  MotorTrend       
11/23/2018   Stubby Bob Lives! Huge Wheelstands!  MotorTrend       
10/11/2019   700 Horsepower & 2,400 Miles! Crusher Camaro Engine Swap Aftermath  MotorTrend       
10/18/2019   Rotsun  MotorTrend       
10/25/2019   Corvette Sinkhole Adventure in a 1975 Stingray!  MotorTrend       
11/01/2019 03-010  U.S. Nationals to Drag Week: Adventure in a '67 Ford Wagon!  MotorTrend       
11/08/2019 02-003  Dodge Hellcat-Viper-Hallcat Thrash Battle!  MotorTrend       
11/15/2019 06-011  Stubby Bob Fails, El Camino Wins, and Blasphemi Flops  MotorTrend       
11/22/2019 05-003  50th Episode Special! 10-Car Showdown  MotorTrend       
12/13/2019   El Paso to LA: The Hard Way!  MotorTrend      0.21 
12/20/2019   Viva Ranchero! Alaska or Bust!  MotorTrend      0.24 
12/27/2019   Extreme Loco Engine Swap!  MotorTrend      0.28 
01/10/2020   Project Car Showdown and Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge!  MotorTrend      0.21 
07/28/2020   The Ultimate Beater Burnout Machine!  MotorTrend       
08/04/2020   Junkyard-Rescue Four-Speed Big-Block '64 Galaxie!  MotorTrend       
08/11/2020   Cheap Beater Battle: Chevy vs. Ford, Old vs. Newish!  MotorTrend       
08/18/2020   Parking Lot Engine Swap  MotorTrend       
08/25/2020   Trading Cars Across Power Tour  MotorTrend       
09/01/2020   Junkyard Rescue T-37 Pontiac!  MotorTrend       
09/08/2020   Road Trip Survival: The LUV Is All You Need  MotorTrend       
09/15/2020   Back to Throwing Darts!  MotorTrend       
09/22/2020   Blasphemi Takes on Hot Rod Drag Week!  MotorTrend       
09/29/2020   Rotsun Lives Again!  MotorTrend       
07/06/2021 09-001  Hilarious Car Shootout  MotorTrend       
07/13/2021   Blown T-Bird Winter Road Trip!  MotorTrend       
07/20/2021   Top Project Car Updates!  MotorTrend       
07/27/2021   D100 Pick Up Rescue!  MotorTrend       
08/03/2021   At-Home Build-Off: COVID 350 vs Mini Truck!  MotorTrend       
08/10/2021   Cheap 4x4 Challenge!  MotorTrend       
08/17/2021   Budget Drag Build and Battle!  MotorTrend       
08/24/2021   Barn Find Firebird Rescue!  MotorTrend       
08/31/2021   Road Trippin' the Wreck Runner!  MotorTrend       
09/07/2021   Barnfind Firebird vs. Crusher Camaro!  MotorTrend       
09/14/2021   Dirt Track Rally Shootout!  MotorTrend