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Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico

  • Premiered: 
    January 15, 2019
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  • Network: CW
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Updated version of Roswell 
  • Subject Matter: Science Fiction
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Plot Synopsis

More than maybe anywhere else on Earth, Roswell, New Mexico is ground zero for those who seek proof that aliens exist. Roswell native Liz Ortecho left it all behind 10 years ago after the death of her beloved older sister Rosa. But after the government cuts funding on her biomedical research, she reluctantly returns to her tourist-trap hometown to move back in with her father. When Liz arrives, she reconnects with Max Evans, her teenage crush, who is now a Roswell police officer. Their chemistry is instantly electric. But Liz soon discovers a shocking truth: Max is an alien who has kept his unearthly abilities hidden his entire life, along with those of his otherworldly sister, Isobel, and their friend Michael. As the two grow closer after a decade apart, Liz finds it difficult to keep the truth from her best friend, Maria De Luca, and her trusting high school ex, Dr. Kyle Valenti. Also hiding their extraterrestrial origins are Isobel and Michael, with Isobel not even revealing the truth to her husband, Noah Bracken, and Michael keeping his identity hidden beneath a bad-boy exterior of hard living and casual hookups. Meanwhile, Master Sergeant Jesse Manes spearheads a long-standing government conspiracy - unbeknownst to his son, Alex Manes, who has recently returned from service overseas with emotional and physical injuries. The politics of fear and hatred that run rampant in Roswell threaten to expose Max and his family and could endanger his deepening romance with Liz... as well as their lives.

The sophomore season of ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO premiered on Monday, March 16, 2020 at 9pm ET/PT on The CW. In the season opener, "Stay (I Missed You)," torn between the heartache of Max's sacrifice and the joy of Rosa's resurrection, Liz suppresses her grief to focus on moving out of Roswell with Rosa. Meanwhile, Michael copes with Max's death in his own self-destructive way, while Isobel focuses her attention on honing her alien powers. Finally, Liz makes an alarming discovery after Rosa begins experiencing mysterious side effects from her resurrection.

Season 3 of ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO premiered on Monday, July 26, 2021 at 8pm ET/PT on The CW. With Max Evans coming face to face in the final moments of Season 2 with an alien that looks like him...the new season finds him, and his alien siblings, tasked to uncover who exactly this mysteries figure is. Meanwhile, Liz Ortecho is living out her dream job -- high paid and changing the world in at a lab in California with an ocean view. But a series of events prove that the one-time lover's connection might not be severed for good. Which is good timing, as in addition to a mysterious alien that looks just like Max offers context to why they're on Earth in the first place, a mysterious radio signal begins broadcasting across Roswell, Alex Manes finds himself in the crosshairs of a new clandestine organization and Michael, Isobel and Rosa all begin exhibiting new powers. Confusing things even further is an eerie glimpse Maria gets of the future.... Someone they love is going to die.

The fourth and final season of ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO debuted on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 8pm ET/PT on The CW. With Liz Ortecho and Max Evans finally able to best Max's clone, Mr. Jones, at the end of Season 3, it seems a bit of happiness is finally ahead for them. Little do they know, a new threat is emerging down in Careyes, Mexico when a naked alien is brought to an American scientist in a nearby cantina. As this mysterious new alien is set on a collision course with our heroes, we'll discover that Mr. Jones might be gone, but his vile plan for two worlds might just live on. Meanwhile, our couples contemplate new crossroads and definitions of their relationships. A new mystery that mimics the crash of '47 in Roswell forces Alex Manes and Michael Guerin to balance personal goals and undercover work; Maria's potential cure for her regenerative disease comes with a shocking twist; and Dallas, Isobel, and Kyle contemplate new layers of how their families might all be connected. All these new revelations unfold as our sleepy town of Roswell, New Mexico gets woken up by a daring daylight bank robbery where mysteriously not a single dollar is touched. But what was taken just might shed new light on the crash from '47 and what Max Evans' true purpose has been all along.
On Monday, September 5, 2022 at 8pm ET/PT, The CW premiered "How's It Going to Be," the series finale of ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO. Liz doubting her abilities, calls for reinforcements, meanwhile Isobel shows Max a memory, one that will put him on a new trajectory and Michael makes a promise to Alex. The episode was directed by Lance Anderson and written by Joel Anderson Thompson & Christopher Hollier.


Production & Distribution

  • Produced by Warner Bros. Television
  • Produced by CBS Television Studios
  • In association with Amblin Television
  • In association with Bender Brown Productions


  • - Roswell, New Mexico USA