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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
08/24/2018 01-001  Poison Dart Frog Family  Animal Planet       
08/31/2018   Princess and the Python  Animal Planet       
09/07/2018   Samurai Snake Territory  Animal Planet       
09/14/2018   Speak Easy Sand Boa Club  Animal Planet       
09/21/2018   The Incredible Bearded Dragons!  Animal Planet       
11/09/2018   Monkey-Tailed Skink Adventure  Animal Planet       
11/16/2018   Uromastyx Dino Wasteland  Animal Planet       
11/23/2018   Jurassic Blue-Tongued Skink  Animal Planet       
11/30/2018   Sammi the Blue-Tongued Skink  Animal Planet       
12/07/2018   Wild West Agamas  Animal Planet