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Science of Stupid

Episode List: Science of Stupid

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06/13/2014   Discus for Dummies  Nat Geo       
06/13/2014 01-001  Dancing Disasters  Nat Geo       
06/20/2014   Karate Flops  Nat Geo       
06/20/2014   Poolside Fails  Nat Geo       
06/27/2014   Airbags vs. Airheads  Nat Geo       
06/27/2014   Human Tower Disasters  Nat Geo       
06/27/2014   Learning to Fly  Nat Geo       
06/27/2014   Rooftop Drops  Nat Geo       
07/11/2014   Bungee Cord Snaps  Nat Geo       
07/11/2014   Jet Pack Failure  Nat Geo       
07/11/2014   Pole Vault Mishaps  Nat Geo       
07/11/2014   Zip Line Fails  Nat Geo       
07/18/2014   Don't Lose Your Lunch  Nat Geo       
07/18/2014   Ring of Fire  Nat Geo       
04/06/2015   Falling Through Ice Is Never Nice  Nat Geo      0.45 
04/06/2015   Fireworks for Dummies  Nat Geo       
04/13/2015   Horsepower Is Not Your Friend  Nat Geo      0.47 
04/13/2015   Wheelies Gone Wrong  Nat Geo      0.45 
04/20/2015   Big Tires, Monster Fails  Nat Geo       
04/20/2015   The Motion of the Ocean  Nat Geo       
04/27/2015   Caddy Smack  Nat Geo      0.31 
05/04/2015   Chainsaw Hurricanes  Nat Geo      0.37 
05/04/2015   Half-Pipe Wipeouts  Nat Geo      0.38 
05/11/2015   Wall Running Face Plants  Nat Geo      0.33 
05/18/2015   Flip Flops and Power Purges  Nat Geo      0.34 
05/18/2015   Roof Jumping: To Infinity and Below  Nat Geo      0.39 
07/17/2015   Barbecues and Hammocks  Nat Geo      0.38 
07/17/2015   Surfing on Sand and Walking in Heels  Nat Geo      0.47 
07/17/2015 -001  Ice Buckets and Kayaks  Nat Geo      0.3 
07/24/2015   Head Bangers and Acrobats  Nat Geo      0.39 
07/24/2015   High Lines and Backflips  Nat Geo      0.31 
07/24/2015   Segways and Water Skis  Nat Geo       
07/31/2015   Hurdles and Head Spins  Nat Geo       
07/31/2015   Kayaks and Dirt Bikes  Nat Geo       
07/31/2015   Science of Stupid Breathing Fire and Running on Water  Nat Geo       
08/07/2015   High Jumps and Shallow Water  Nat Geo      0.44 
08/07/2015   Piggyback Rides and Ladder Climbing  Nat Geo      0.47 
08/07/2015   Ski Tricks and Waterside Drives  Nat Geo      0.41 
08/14/2015   Bottle Rockets and Aerial Kicks  Nat Geo       
08/14/2015   Frisbees and Hovercrafts  Nat Geo       
08/14/2015   Guitars and Snowmobiles  Nat Geo       
08/21/2015   Biking Downhill and Balancing on Balls  Nat Geo       
08/21/2015   Lawn Mowers and Pinatas  Nat Geo       
08/21/2015   Ostriches and Go Karts  Nat Geo       
08/28/2015   Break Dances and Skateboards  Nat Geo      0.33 
08/28/2015   Headstands and Jet Skis  Nat Geo      0.28 
08/28/2015   Wall Crashes and Rollerblades  Nat Geo      0.27 
09/04/2015   Chest Bumps and Karate Kicks  Nat Geo      0.29 
09/04/2015   Jet Skis and Pillow Fights  Nat Geo      0.3 
09/04/2015   Nunchucks and Rollerblades  Nat Geo      0.33 
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