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The 7D

Episode List: The 7D

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
07/07/2014 01-001  The Long, Long Winter; Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters  Disney XD       
07/08/2014   Sneezin' Season; The Delightful Diamond Mystery  Disney XD       
07/09/2014   Mirror, Mirror; The Big Bash  Disney XD       
07/10/2014   Surprise; Welcome to the Neighborhood  Disney XD       
07/11/2014   Sir Yipsalot and the Goose; Starchy Takes a Break  Disney XD       
07/14/2014   The Littlest Giants; Gnome Alone  Disney XD       
07/15/2014   Sleepytime; Goldilocks and The 7D  Disney XD       
07/21/2014   For the Love of Cheese; Let's Get Organ-ized  Disney XD       
07/22/2014   Grandpa Grumpy & the Ogre; Fairest in the Land  Disney XD       
07/28/2014   The 8th D; New Shoe  Disney XD       
08/04/2014   Bathtub Bashful; Knick Knack Paddy Whack  Disney XD       
09/14/2014   Grim the Dragon; Free Teensy  Disney XD       
09/21/2014   Hildy the Good; The Jollywood Jam  Disney XD       
10/12/2014   Buckets; Frankengloom  Disney XD       
11/02/2014   Uncle Humidor; Grim the Genius  Disney XD       
11/16/2014   The Enchanted Shoes; Hildyrella  Disney XD       
11/30/2014   Big Bad Sneezy; Cat on a Hot Grim Roof  Disney XD       
12/02/2014   Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps; Jollybells  Disney XD       
01/13/2015   The Very Important Thingy; Leaf It to Sneezy  Disney XD       
01/14/2015   7 Frogs; Sir Yipsalot and the Mutt  Disney XD       
01/15/2015   Finders Keepers; Grim the Genius  Disney XD       
01/19/2015   The Queen's Quest; Uncle Humidor  Disney XD       
01/20/2015   Abraca-Dopey; Enchanted Shoes  Disney XD       
01/21/2015   Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam; Doing the 7D Dance  Disney XD       
01/22/2015   Rock of Sages  Disney XD       
09/12/2015   Rock of Sages  Disney XD       
01/23/2016 02-001  When Pigs Fly; Knight School  Disney XD       
01/30/2016   In Yer Dreams, Pal; The Great Glitterpillar  Disney XD       
02/06/2016   Oh Happy Grumpy; Funniest Hair Day  Disney XD       
02/20/2016   Say Pest to the Dress; Delight Me, Delight Me Not  Disney XD       
02/27/2016   Whose Voice Is It Anyway?; Take Your Pet to Lunch Day  Disney XD       
03/05/2016   Giggleberries; Jolleyball Anyone?  Disney XD       
03/12/2016   Miss Fortune Teller; Grump-Tiki  Disney XD       
03/19/2016   You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yeti!; Which Witch is Which?  Disney XD       
05/21/2016   Nicely Done & The 7D; Take Me to Your Grumpy  Disney XD       
07/09/2016   Hop To It, Dopey!; What Are You, Five?  Disney XD       
07/16/2016   Bedknobs and Gloomsticks; Take Care of Your Elf  Disney XD       
07/23/2016   Game of Grumpy; 7D and the Beast  Disney XD       
07/30/2016   Bummer Vacation; They Growl by Night  Disney XD       
10/15/2016   Shapeshifter; There's a Monkey in My Hat  Disney XD       
11/05/2016   A Royal Pain in the Castle; A Sneeze in Time  Disney XD