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Episode List: Sharkfest

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
08/04/2013 01-001  Ragged Tooth Sharks  Nat Geo Wild       
08/09/2013   Australia's Deadliest Shark Attacks  Nat Geo Wild       
08/10/2014 02-001  Shark Kill Zone  Nat Geo Wild       
07/05/2015   United Sharks of America  Nat Geo Wild      0.36 
07/05/2015 03-001  Shark Alley  Nat Geo Wild       
06/26/2016   Mega Hammerhead  Nat Geo Wild       
06/26/2016 04-001  Sharkatraz  Nat Geo Wild       
07/23/2017 05-001  Shark vs. Predator  Nat Geo Wild       
07/24/2017 05-002  Tiger Shark Terror  Nat Geo Wild       
07/25/2017   Shark Swam  Nat Geo Wild       
07/26/2017   World's Deadliest: Shark Frenzy  Nat Geo Wild       
07/15/2018   The Whale That Ate Jaws: New Evidence  Nat Geo Wild       
07/15/2018 06-001  Shark vs. Tuna  Nat Geo Wild       
07/16/2018   Big Sharks Rule  Nat Geo Wild       
07/17/2018   700 Sharks  Nat Geo Wild       
07/18/2018   Shark Kill Zone: The Hunt  Nat Geo Wild       
07/14/2019 07-001  Cannibal Sharks  Nat Geo       
07/15/2019   Great Shark Chow Down  Nat Geo       
07/16/2019   The Whale That Ate Jaws: Eyewitness Report  Nat Geo       
07/17/2019   Man vs. Shark  Nat Geo       
07/18/2019   Forecast: Shark Attack  Nat Geo       
07/19/2019   Shark Movers: Deadly Cargo  Nat Geo       
07/21/2019   Shark vs. Predator Showdown  Nat Geo Wild       
07/21/2019   World's Biggest Great White?  Nat Geo       
07/21/2019   World's Biggest Great White?  Nat Geo Wild