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Shimmer and Shine

Episode List: Shimmer and Shine

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
08/24/2015 01-001  The Sweetest Thing  Nick      1.22 
08/26/2015   Genie Treehouse  Nick       
09/01/2015   Lights! Camera! Genies!  Nick      1.32 
09/03/2015   What a Pig Mess  Nick       
09/08/2015   Abraca-Genie  Nick       
09/10/2015   Ahoy, Genies!  Nick       
10/02/2015   Dino Might!  Nick       
10/23/2015   A Very Genie Halloweenie  Nick       
11/06/2015   Backyard Ballet  Nick       
11/20/2015   Game On  Nick       
12/11/2015   Santa's Little Genies  Nick       
01/15/2016   Spaceship Wrecked  Nick       
02/12/2016   Happy Wishaversary  Nick       
03/17/2016   Dream Dollhouse  Nick       
04/07/2016   The Great Skate Mistake  Nick       
04/29/2016   Escape Goat  Nick       
08/22/2016   Dragon Pox; Lightning in a Bottle  Nick       
09/06/2016   Size of the Beholder; Zoomicorn Toss  Nick       
09/08/2016   Double Trouble; Zany Ziffilon  Nick       
10/11/2016   Volcano Drain-o; Cleanie Genies  Nick       
10/13/2016   Now You See Her; Untamed Talent  Nick       
12/16/2016   Frosty Fun; Zeta in Training  Nick       
05/05/2017 03-001  Underground Bound; Wishy Washy Genie  Nick       
05/19/2017   Carpet Troubles; Dragon Tales  Nick       
08/31/2017   Hairdos and Don'ts; Flower Power  Nick       
09/15/2017   Samira and Zeta; The Zeta Touch  Nick       
10/06/2017   Genie for a Day; Zac the Clueless Detective  Nick       
10/13/2017   Abracanope; Treehouse Retreat  Nick       
10/20/2017   Nazboo's Family Reunion; The Darpoppy  Nick       
10/27/2017   Hounded; The Sorceress' Apprentice  Nick       
11/03/2017   The Glitter Genie; Grab That Gem!  Nick       
11/17/2017   Dance Magic  Nick       
12/01/2017   Whatever Floats Your Boat; Waterbent  Nick       
01/30/2018   Snow Time to Spare; Pet Games  Nick       
02/01/2018   Zahramay Dreams; Careful What You Wish For  Nick       
03/06/2018   Glitter Glitch!; Coral Chaos  Nick       
11/10/2019   Sneaky Squeaky Chicken; Adara's Bracelets  Nick Jr       
11/17/2019   Nazboo Come Home; Surfing the Skies  Nick Jr       
11/24/2019   Journey to Zahramay Oceanea  Nick Jr       
12/01/2019   The Sea Enchantress; The Dance of the Jellyfish  Nick Jr       
12/08/2019   Found You Day; Nazboo Loses a Tooth  Nick Jr       
12/15/2019   Zeashell Surprise; The Zahramay Zuffer-Puff  Nick Jr       
12/29/2019   Zadazzler Dizzaster; Hotdog Havoc  Nick Jr       
01/05/2020   Ladybugs on the Loose; Zeta the Powerless  Nick Jr       
01/26/2020   Zeacorn Cove; Lights of Oceanea  Nick Jr       
02/09/2020   Zahra-Zkunked; The Sorcer-enie  Nick Jr