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  • Premiered: 
    June 9, 2019
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  • Network: TLC
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
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  • Subject Matter: Family
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Plot Synopsis

SMOTHERED is a one-hour reality series that follows follows four outrageous, mother/daughter duos who take their bonds to the extreme. hese women are a constant presence in each other's lives, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. They do everything together - from dressing in matching outfits, to getting plastic surgery and injections, to sharing the same bath water and even sleeping in the same bed! Every mother/daughter pair prioritizes their unique relationship above all else, often causing rifts between their siblings and significant others. But, the ladies' lives begin to change as they experience various life events, like boyfriends, pregnancy and moving out on their own, and maintaining the same level of closeness may prove impossible. Faced with the reality that their tighter-than-tight relationships could be pulled apart at the seams, these women are determined to find a way to remain attached at the hip. The mother/daughter pairs are:

Dawn (59) and Cher (27): Dawn and Cher are more like twins than mother and daughter. They look, speak and act alike, and they both married Jewish doctors in their early twenties! Their relationship is put to the ultimate test when Cher admits that she has been keeping a huge secret from her mom, forcing Dawn to reevaluate her place in her daughter's life.

Sunhe (50) and Angelica (30): Not only do Sunhe and Angelica sleep in the same bed, but they often share the same bath water! Sunhe has never lived without her daughter, and her life is sent into a tailspin when Angelica wants to take things with her boyfriend to the next level.

Kathy (59) and Cristina (33): Kathy is a constant presence in Cristina's life and often acts as a co-parent to her grandchildren; however, Cristina's husband and in-laws feel that Kathy is overstepping her boundaries, thus igniting a family feud.

Sandra (44) and Mariah (20): Sandra and Mariah are BFFs who do everything together, including partying and double dating. Mariah's desire for her mother to have more fun in life causes Sandra to push the limits of traditional mom behavior.

The sophomore season of SMOTHERED premiered on Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 10pm ET/PT on TLC. From sharing their morning showers to going under the knife for plastic surgery together, these outrageous ladies bring a new meaning to the term unconditional love. This season will feature three brand new, shamelessly inseparable pairs, unlike anything fans have seen along with returning fan favorites as noted below. The new and returning mother/daughters pairs are:

Mary & Brittani (new) These two are really, really, really close! For starters, Mary thinks that the absolute best way to start her day is to take a shower with Brittani. They also enjoy co-colonic therapy! And, while Mary can't imagine Brittani ever moving out, Mary's husband Frank thinks Brittani needs to go and start her own life after graduation.

Marcia & Alena (new) Alena is a bright, bubbly, music-loving 21-year-old with an enzyme deficiency, but she doesn't let that slow her down. Her mother, Marcia, tends to Alena's every need with humor and playfulness. She won't let Alena have a puppy, but she will become a puppy -- and wake Alena up each morning with a face full of licks.

Laurie & Sarah (new) Flip it and reverse it! Sarah the daughter handles the motherly duties in this pairing. Though her mother Laurie certainly still has her comically controlling moments, her health is declining, which has Sarah anxious and in overdrive about her caretaking. Laurie is more concerned that her daughter and boyfriend, Miguel, get engaged and married while she can still plan and attend the wedding.

Sunhe & Angelica (returning) Angelica and Jason are still going strong...much to Sunhe's dismay. Jason is finally ready to divorce his wife, and Sunhe insists on attending the intimate legal proceeding and awkwardly serving as their witness. With the divorce final, Jason plans to propose to Angelica without Sunhe knowing.

Dawn & Cher (returning) Dawn and Cher are more like twins than mother and daughter. They look, speak and act nearly identical, and now are dressing as "The Triplets" after Cher gives birth to a little girl named Belle Mae. Naturally Dawn is involved in every single step of the pregnancy and birth plan causing tension with her doctor husband Jared, who knows his wife and what he's talking about medically. But, there's laughter as the three of them navigate their new roles as parents and grandparent.

Kathy & Cristina (returning) Kathy's first stop of the day is Cristina's house which is only five houses away from hers. That might be too far for this duo! Kathy and daughter Cristina have a plan to move in together while her and her husband Carlo do a full remodel on their family home. Kathy can't wait for her daughter and grandkids to move into the basement but just the idea of it has tension at an all-time high with Carlo and Cristina's younger sister Carly.

Season 3 of SMOTHERED premiered on Monday, May 31, 2021 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. While following the lives of these six devoted and extreme duos, viewers have a front row seat to their unique rituals and unbreakable bonds. Couples include:

Amy & Carina (new) the Hawaii mother/daughter pair are truly inseparable -- panty swapping, joint showers, sleeping in the same bed... you name it! They believe they are connected on a spiritual level and knew each other in a past life. Neighbors describe their house as a circus with their 11 animals including two great danes and eight ducks. Even though they love their lifestyle, Amy is starting to realize that she and her daughter may share an unhealthy attachment that prevents them both from having functional romantic relationships. She grapples with the guilt but will she be able to bring herself to break away from it?

Karla & Rykia (new) are Alabama mother and daughter besties whose "closeness" includes exchanging Brazilian waxes! They share everything together and are always on the same page. Karla loves to meddle in all her kids' lives and while Rykia seems to love it, her brother Rasheed feels the complete opposite. He is so turned off by their need to over share inappropriate information that he has put off introducing his girlfriend of 9 months. As new developments happen in Karla's life and her children's, she tries to hold on to her bestie and keep everything the same.

Lisa & Lauren (new) are two southern belles who act more like sisters than mother and daughter. There's no such thing as boundaries with these two. They facetime while they take baths, wax each other's mustaches and Lauren constantly sleeps over at her mother's house, despite the fact that it causes friction with her wife, Laura Leigh. Lauren and her wife have been trying to conceive a child for two years and are taking a break to save some money. At least that's what her wife thinks! Lisa and Lauren have other plans to make sure Lauren is able to have the family of her dreams.

Sunhe & Angelica (returning) share a vault-like tightness that somehow Angelica's fiance Jason has been able to crack...sort of. When Angelica and Jason announce their engagement and pregnancy to their families, things go downhill fast. Not only do Angelica and Jason have Sunhe's options to consider, but now Jason's mom is in the picture and she isn't going back home anytime soon! What is supposed to be the happiest time for a couple leaves Angelica wondering if she wants to marry Jason at all.

Kathy & Cristina (returning) the loud Italian duo from Chicago are living apart again after Carlo quit his job at his family's pizzeria and cancelled Cristina's plan for a home renovation. Once the pandemic hit, Carlo decided he wanted to open his own pizzeria, and Cristina became a business owner overnight. With the stress of the new business, Cristina pulls away from Kathy, who is desperately clinging to their old traditions. But Kathy won't give up, and finds ways to insert herself back into her daughter's life, whether Carlo wants her there or not!

Dawn & Cher (returning) the two dynamic brunettes known for their coordinating outfits and loud personalities are reunited in Florida after spending months apart due to the pandemic. Not wanting to be without Cher and her granddaughter Belle for that long ever again, Dawn hatches a plan to convince Jared to let Cher and Belle stay in Florida with her. Dawn is never one to be scared by boundaries, but has she gone too far this time?

SMOTHERED returned for its fourth season on Monday, August 8, 2022 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. Season 4 welcomes back four fan-favorite mother-daughter duos and introduces three new pairings. From bathwater to bedrooms to boyfriends, these twosomes have shared everything and with beautiful babies being welcomed into the mix, a new legacy ensues -- grand-smothering. The cast for the new season includes:

Paula & Francia (new) believe there's no such thing as boundaries. They dance, party, and sleep nude together - even indulging in the occasional tickle fight. For this pairing, mother-daughter roles are reversed. While Francia's youthful spirit makes her act like a kid, Paula shoulders the responsibility of making sure that her mother is properly fed and always has a packed lunch. An only child, Paula's possessiveness over her mother reaches new extremes when she learns that Francia is planning to adopt her niece from Colombia, which leads Paula to put an elaborate plan into motion to derail her journey and keep her at home under her thumb.

Shay & Angie (new) have always been attached at the hip, and they've grown even closer since daughter Shay came out as transgender. Angie is determined to be there for every step of Shay's journey to womanhood. However, her mother's support starts to feel a little too overbearing for Shay's liking when Angie starts sticking her nose in her daughter's personal life and decides to take the lead on Shay's weight loss journey. Shay begins to feel more like her mother's pet project than her daughter.

Ashley & Cathy (new) hold each other's hand through everything. When this look-alike mother-daughter pairing gets bored, head-turning behavior is sure to follow. From chin lifts to nipple piercings to tattoos, no activity is off-limits for Cathy and Ashley. Their legendary boudoir photo shoots have captured the attention of plenty of potential partners on dating apps, sometimes catching the eye of the same man on more than one occasion. When Ashley moves in next door, the duo spends more time together than ever - much to the dismay of Ashley's sister, Samantha, who shares a home with their mother. Ashley deliberately excludes Samantha, causing her sister to grow bitterly jealous.

Cher & Dawn (returning) dress alike, talk alike, act alike - they can even tell what the other is thinking! After being separated for six years while Jared finished his residency in New York, Dawn is ecstatic that Cher is finally moving back home to Florida. The only problem is that Jared's new job is taking them to Miami, which is closer to his family. Dawn is determined to persuade the family to move back to Tampa for good.

Cristina & Kathy (returning) are always up in each other's business - especially now that Cristina has moved from five to four houses down the street from her mother. With Carlo's pizzeria finally on its feet, Kathy looks forward to having Cristina all to herself again. But when Carlo announces that he is dead set on expanding his business, a jealous Kathy worries that the new venture will start to eat up her daughter's time again. Employing some old-school mom-guilt, Kathy pushes Cristina into a heated confrontation with her husband, who insists that her mother keep her nose out of his affairs.

Angelica & Sunhe (returning) are closer-than-close - sharing everything from their bank account to their bathwater. Crushed by Jason's hesitation to tie the knot and her mother's disapproval of the match, Angelica has called off her wedding. Sunhe dreams of raising Angelica's newborn baby, Amara, by her daughter's side. However, her plans are frustrated by the fact that the family is still living under Jason's roof, while Angelica remains determined to make their relationship work, Jason insists that Sunhe hit the road. Tensions come to a head when Sunhe issues him an impossible ultimatum: if she goes, she's taking Angelica and Amara with her.

Lauren & Lisa (returning) turned heads last season when Lisa helped her daughter carry out a secret at-home insemination, leaving Lauren's wife Laura Leigh in the dark. Now that Lauren is finally pregnant, Laura Leigh insists that the mother-daughter duo sets boundaries - no more weekly sleepovers and bath-time video chats. Laura Leigh's attempts to put distance between her wife and her overbearing mother-in-law sets off the control freak in Lisa. But the real trouble begins after baby Reagan arrives and Laura Leigh and Lisa's rivalry reaches its peak.

Season 5 of SMOTHERED debuted on Tuesday, December 12, 2023 at 10pm ET/PT on TLC. The series is back with new duos that are closer than ever. From synchronized hobby horsing and a mother and daughter who give each other "vagacials" these pairs do anything and everything together. With four new duos, including SMOTHERED'S very first mother-in-law and son-in-law, nothing is off limits and there's no such thing as personal space! The cast for the fifth season includes:

Catherine, 56, and Gabriella, 23, from Clinton, CT: No one does "twinning" better than pageant queens, Catherine and Gabriella! Always dressed in matching outfits, Catherine and Gabriella have their hearts set on Gabriella winning the Miss Connecticut USA title just like Catherine did in her early 20's. With the pageant just weeks away, Catherine and Gabriella go into full prep-mode. They drink healing celery juice multiple times daily, soak in celery baths together, design matching wardrobes, work out-including running the bleachers at the local high school 'Rocky-style' and walk like flamingos at the zoo. There's no room for anything else in Gabriella's life; Catherine wants Gabriella to focus solely on mommy and pageants, that's it!

Eva, 65, and Sunnie, 36, from Houston, TX: It's all about the bizarre with this close-knit mother and daughter relationship. Like mother, like daughter, both are boutique salon owners who specialize in esthetics. From shaving each other's armpits to giving each other facials down there, Eva and Sunnie are not afraid to get personal with their skincare. Sunnie has been with her boyfriend, Scott, for almost a year and she wants to marry him. The problem is, Eva is being too pushy about an engagement and Scott isn't ready to propose.

India, 59, and her son-in-law Trevor, 37, from Atlanta, GA: This relationship is a real head-scratcher. How on earth did a mother-in-law/son-in-law get so close? They wear matching outfits, eat from each other's mouths, clean each other's ears and India even plans to get dentures made from a mold of Trevor's mouth so they have the same smile! Their closeness is especially disturbing to Trevor's wife and India's daughter, DeLeesa. For two years, India has been living with Trevor and DeLeesa and her relationship with Trevor is driving a wedge in their marriage. Now that DeLeesa is pregnant and needs the support of her husband more than ever, she gives Trevor an ultimatum.
Sky, 45, and Skylar, 19, from Atlanta, GA: Not only do they share the same name, but Skylar is also growing up to be an exact replica of her mother. They are so connected at the hip; Sky claims to be her daughter's brain. For as long as she can remember, Skylar has wanted to be just like her mom. Sky is a choreographer, dancer and singer who always aspired to be the next Beyonce, but her dreams were dashed when she had her children at a young age. When Skylar showed that she had the same talent, Sky dropped her own ambitions and poured everything into her daughter's career, but things can get tricky when you have a "momager" like Sky.

Kathy, 64, and Cristina, 38 from Norridge, IL (returning duo): Larger-than-life Italian duo, Kathy and Cristina, are in each other's business every single day. They live only four houses away from each other and Cristina calls the relationship with her mom more important than any other relationship in her life - including that with her husband and kids! Kathy is turning 65 this year and fears her life is closer to the end than she would like to admit. Kathy's mother and grandmother both died at 68, which is just around the corner for her. So, to celebrate her birthday, Kathy wants to have a not-so-typical birthday a funeral home. But when Kathy reveals a recent diagnosis to Cristina, Cristina realizes there's more to this birthday party than she may have realized. Is Kathy's health truly in jeopardy?

Mary 59, and Brittani, 23, from Hobe Sound, FL (returning duo): Mary and Brittani sleep in the same bed every night, never miss a dinner together, share details about their sex lives and have taken up synchronized hobby horsing as exercising. They are truly each other's best friends, especially since Mary's partner, Frank, passed away. But there's a new man in town to shake things up -- Brittani's boyfriend, TJ. Mary is convinced TJ is not the guy for Brittani but is determined to tread carefully so as not to drive her daughter away, but little does she know that Brittani and TJ have a secret.
On Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 10pm ET/PT, TLC premiered "Make-Ups, Breakups and Meltdowns," the Season 5 finale of SMOTHERED. Catherine freaks when Gabby reveals big news; India confronts DeLeesa, and Trevor is forced to choose a side; Eva worries Scott won't fulfill his promise; Brittani and TJ reveal they're engaged, but Mary won't go down without a fight.


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