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Stargate Origins

Stargate Origins

  • Premiered: 
    February 15, 2018
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  • Network: Stargate Origins
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Prequel series to Stargate SG-1 
  • Subject Matter: Science Fiction
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Plot Synopsis

For more than ten years, Catherine Langford has watched her father, Professor Paul Langford, labor over the mysterious ringed device he discovered in the Egyptian desert back in 1928 With war looming in Europe in 1939 and funding running out, these brilliant minds are approaching their lowest ebb. The Professor makes plans to move the ring abroad, Catherine struggles to hold on to her life in Cairo, Egypt. Little do they know, answers are about to present themselves in a dangerous form, when the Nazi Occultist Dr. Wilhelm Brucke approaches their facility with a sinister motive. Enlisting the help of two young soldiers, Catherine must use all of her wit and nous as she and her new allies embark on an adventure into the unknown to rescue her father, and save the Earth from an unimaginable darkness

Fascinated with ancient history from an early age, Catherine would often accompany her father on archaeological digs. Indeed, these adventures would often be a true Langford family affair, with Catherine's mother helping her husband catalog his discoveries on site. But, on a 1927 trip to South America, a great tragedy struck when Mrs. Langford succumbed to Malaria, leaving the Professor to raise young Catherine on his own. After his wife's death, the Professor felt that he and Catherine should continue on the path their family had always enjoyed the most, the path of adventure and discovery. Egypt and its many hidden treasures beckoned; the perfect antidote for the immense sorrow that gripped the two Langfords. Growing into a young woman while surrounded by discovery and mystery, Catherine impressed many of Langford's associates with her affinity for creating ingenious new systems for cataloging discoveries. Entirely on her own merit, Catherine had begun to earn a reputation of her own in the elite archaeological circles of North Africa, a fact that spawned great pride in her father who would take immense pleasure in picking her brains at the end of a long day's work. Catherine and her father had developed a close bond in the years since her mother's death, but Professor Langford knew that it wouldn't be long before his daughter's wit and beauty would attract potential suitors...he just hoped, for their own sake, that they knew what they were letting themselves in for!

Once widely regarded as one of the greatest minds in his field, Professor Langford has somewhat fallen from grace in recent years. Ironically, the cause for this downturn in reputation is the relic that many considered to be his crowning achievement. More than ten years after its discovery in Giza, the artifact known by many as The Langford Ring has continued to confound the man it was named after. Along with his research partner, Dietrich, Langford has labored over this device to the extent that he has all but cut off contact with his associates and family in the Western world. With the excitement around his discovery waning and war looming in Europe, funding has become a constant source of stress for the professor. However, one consistent source of comfort for Langford is the presence of his daughter, Catherine. Langford senses that he is close to a breakthrough in his studies of the cryptic symbols that adorn the ringed device, but with funds running dry he reluctantly agrees to allow Dietrich to travel back to Germany in an attempt to stoke interest in their research and raise much-needed capital.

Brucke is a scientist specializing in antiquities, and is the Chief Occultist of Adolf Hitler. He is exceedingly brilliant but arrogant, even for a Nazi, as he believes himself to be the peak of human development. Due to his vanity, Brucke's greatest shame lies in the large scar on the side of his face; a scar whose origin he refuses to reveal and one that has resulted in great speculation among his subordinates. But ever since Brucke executed one loose-lipped lieutenant who asked about the injury after having a few too many steins of beer, Brucke's men have been considerably less interested in finding out what happened to their boss's face.

Brucke commands a division of the Ahnenerbe Project, part of the Nazi effort to uncover evidence in the ancient world that the Aryan race are superior. Over time, Brucke has become less interested in that mission and more invested in his own pet project. After coming across a mysterious artifact in a Berlin vault that had been unearthed in Egypt decades earlier, Brucke became convinced that aliens -- not Aryans -- were responsible for the technologically-puzzling artifact. His curiosity became an obsession, as he has since traveled the globe on the German Reich's dime in search of related artifacts -- under the guise that he was still doing so in service to the Nazi cause.

James Beal is a captain in the British army, stationed in Egypt. After enlisting in the army to stem the tide of fascism in Europe, Beal was able to quickly rise to the rank of captain thanks to his combination of hard work, natural ability, and leadership qualities. Once attaining his lofty new rank at a young age, Beal was assigned to a remote outpost near Cairo, where he was tasked with protecting British interests as the specter of World War II loomed over North Africa. Despite representing a foreign power in Egypt, Beal was able to win over the locals thanks to his charming personality and selflessness. He befriended a local lieutenant in his unit, Wasif, and found a romantic partner in Catherine after a chance meeting in a local market. After only a few weeks of courtship with Catherine, Beal found himself head over heels in love and was already and thinking about spending the rest of his life with her, being drawn to her independent streak and sense of adventure. However, Catherine plays her cards close to her chest, and Beal remains unsure of her commitment to him. Should danger ever reach their corner of North Africa, Beal would happily risk his life to protect Catherine, even if he knows she's more than capable of fending for herself. Still, he is willing to do anything for her, and if their adventures together take him into conflict with Nazis, then the ensuing adventure will just be icing on the cake for this ambitious young officer.

On Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 3:01am ET/12:01am PT, the first three episodes of STARGATE ORIGINS debuted on Stargate Command: