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Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws

Photo Credit:  Zach Green/Kate Trippe/Discovery Channel
  • Premiered: 
    June 10, 2013
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  • Network: Discovery
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
  • Subject Matter: Adventure
  • Tags: motorsports (automobile: street racing)

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Plot Synopsis

STREET OUTLAWS is a reality series that follows undercover street racers in Oklahoma City, as they do whatever it takes to rise up the list of the city's 10 fastest street-racing cars. The stakes are high and these drivers put everything on the line to get to top, where there can only be one #1. In the series premiere, Chuck (#7) called out Flip (#6) for his spot on the list. Murder Nova (#1), Big Chief (Race Organizer), and Flip impersonated security guards to prank Chuck with a fake bust as he street tested his car. Meanwhile, Brandon (unranked) called out Farmtruck (#10) to try to break onto the list. This 60-minute series follows these OKC racers: Big Chief, in the OKC street racing game since age 9, who runs the show and through whom racers have to go to race for a list spot; Murder Nova, King of the Streets for three years, whose 969 Chevy Nova is considered to be the fastest street car in the country, putting out an astounding 2500hp; Doc, a family man struggling to find time for his wife and two teenage daughters, who races a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo (aka The Beast), currently ranked #2; Daddy Dave, named for having kids with different women, whose 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 pickup is jammed packed with high performance race parts, totaling over $150,000; Monza, who races a jet black '72 Camaro Rally Sport and only cares about street racing, guns, and his son/street racing protege, Brandon (aka Youngblood); Dominator, a soft-spoken racer, who shows up with his self-funded '67 Dart; Flip, whose '80 Chevy El Camino is appropriately nicknamed 'The Old Slut,' because of its mismatched parts; Chuck, the notorious hothead in the OKC street racing scene, who races a '89 fox body Ford Mustang with a Chevy engine; Gotee Bo, a blunt trash-talking rookie, who races a '64 Chevy Nova that was passed down to him by his father after he stopped racing; Wayne 'Varley,' a former racing legend, who races a '80 Ford Mustang named 'The Gold Car'; Farmtruck and AZN, a dynamic duo, who race a '70 Chevy Long Bed Truck, featuring rusty paint, a camper shell, and dents; Andrade Jr., a cocky and young driver who races a 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass; Jose 'Freakin Rican' Rivera, who runs the B&R crew racing on the South side of OKC; and Tina Pierce, who is known as the "Fastest Chick in Oklahoma." On Monday, December 2, 2013 at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery, STREET OUTLAWS returned with new episodes, which were part of Season 1b (according to Discovery Channel listings) or Season 2 (a November press release), depending on the source. In the first episode back, Farmtruck and AZN faced off against newbie racers, while Texas racers LMR wanted to change the rules on the OKC guys. Immediately following an eight-hour marathon (1-9pm ET/PT) of encore episodes from Season 1, STREET OUTLAWS returned for a new season on Monday, June 23, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. In the season opener, "The Rise of the Crow," Big Chief relinquishes his racemaster duties to another driver so he can race The Crow back up the list, and Tina drops off the list, opening the coveted 10-spot for a round robin competition. Meanwhile, Varley's son/driver is a no show, and AZN gets stopped by the police. STREET OUTLAWS returned for a new season on Monday, December 29, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. In the season opener, "Down from Chi-Town," trash-talking street racers from Chicago take on their Oklahoma City rivals; the Farmtruck reels in a Ferrari and a Camaro. This season, Midwest Streetcars' business is booming, making Shawn, Big Chief, and Kamikaze's goal of moving up the ranks even more fierce. The antics continue, as Farmtruck and AZN create a 61 MPH mobility scooter and haunt the Oklahoma City streets in their driverless hearse. Farmtruck, Jeff Lutz, Kayla Morton, Chuck and Varley are all back and making attempts at the gatekeeper spot as the list's top 5 becomes an intense battleground. Will Big Chief finally be able to take the 405 crown? Against stacked odds, will the 405 beat their biggest rivals on the road? On Monday, May 18, 2015 from 9-11pm ET/PT, Discovery premiered a new season of STREET OUTLAWS, immediately following an all-day marathon of encore episodes (9am-8pm) and a new one-hour special (8-9pm). In the new season, Big Chief and the 405 may have been beat last season, but now they're out for redemption, battling the best racers everywhere from New Orleans to Vegas to prove that they're the fastest in the nation. The stakes are high, and with their reputations and $50,000 on the line, the 405 will do anything to get on top and stay there -- even if it means running from the law! But in the middle of all the heated competition, the 405 will also face tragedy when they lose one of their own. The season opens in the "Not So Big Easy" episode, as Chief organizes a Nationwide Call Out for a $50,000 pot. Chief gets a new paint job and Dave calls him out. Kamikaze takes the El Camino off the list. Farmtruck and AZN go fishing in Memphis. Later, the 405 travel south to take on Kye Kelly and friends. Season 6 of STREET OUTLAWS premiered on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. Looking to defend their status as America's fastest, the 405 devise a plan to race as many teams as possible, leading to the ultimate two-night Cash Days, winner-take-all event against more than 30 of the nation's top-tier racers! Only the best will be invited to take on the 405 in their hometown, with the fastest drivers and finest automobiles from across the country all gathered in Oklahoma City. The stakes are higher than ever for the boys from the 405 as they look to solidify their status and reputations as the best and fastest. Season 7 of STREET OUTLAWS premiered on Monday, April 25, 2016 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery, immediately following an eight-hour marathon (1-9pm) of encore episodes. The 405 failed to take home the prize last season at the biggest Cash Days race event yet. Now, the team sets out to reclaim its title as the fastest and most revered group of racers in the country. To take the List to the next level, 405 front man Big Chief introduces the "Shark Pool" - hungry, serious racers in OKC who show up weekly to challenge the team's #10 spot, keeping everyone on their toes. Added to the Shark Pool are some familiar faces - Farmtruck and AZN, Jackie Knox, Daddy Dave, and Tina Pierce. With a new and improved List, the 405 is ready to take on eminent new street racers. Last season, offered viewers the "Voice Your Choice" challenge. With over 20,000 votes, the OKC boys must now prepare for a head-to-head matchup with the winner, Detroit, and its leader, Brian 'Chucky' Davis. Detroit promises an intense showdown with close races, big bets and heated fights. Discovery Channel premiered the eighth season of STREET OUTLAWS on Monday, October 31, 2016 from 9-11pm ET/PT, showing back-to-back new episodes immediately following a 12-hour marathon (9am-9pm) of encore episodes. In the season opener (9pm), "Where the Streets Have No Name," the list is shaken when Daddy Dave pulls Henson's Plan B from the one spot and starts from ten in his own car. Farmtruck and AZN face off, Doc and Shawn prep to race for #1, and Chief gets ready for his long march up the list. Then, in the night's second new episode (10pm), "If You Can't Beat-le'em, Join 'em," since everyone in the 405 has been upgrading their cars, it's time to go under their hoods to find out what makes these guys so fast. Farmtruck and AZN struggle to fix the Dung Beetle for fishing, and setup some races to get out of paying for some tuning. Also in the new season, Farmtruck lines his truck up against anything and anyone - including a jet car, a monster truck and an actual jet - and for the first time in years, fights his way back onto the List. Chief, in his Crow-mod, and Daddy Dave, in his Goliath 2.0, battle it out at the bottom of the List, both hoping to claw their way to the top. In order to compete with the pro-mods coming for the List, 405 drivers Doc and Monza worked together during the off-season to make their cars as light as possible, ultimately losing more than 1,000 pounds off their vehicles. Brian "Chucky" Davis, of Detroit, also returns to the streets of the 405 with his new ride, but racers are nervous to line up against him after his crash with Chief earlier this year. Finally, it's every man for himself until teams of racers from New York, Detroit and California all gather in the 405 for a first-of-its-kind team race-off. Tensions run high as fierce rivals are forced to team up, and most will stop at nothing to walk away with the cash and glory.
On Monday, April 10, 2017 from 9-11pm ET/PT, Discovery premiered the ninth season of STREET OUTLAWS, immediately following an all-day marathon (6am-9pm) of encore episodes. This season, the rules of the game change as the use of Pro Mods, cars modified for track use, are no longer allowed on the "list." Now, in order to reclaim a premiere spot on OKC's top 10 list of street racers, experienced drivers like Big Chief must find a new car and start from the bottom. This shakeup allows some of the show's old favorites to return and some new faces to work their way onto the list.


  • - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA