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Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

Episode List: Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

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06/09/2010 01-001  Is There a Creator?  Science       
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06/16/2010 01-002  The Riddle of Black Holes  Science       
06/23/2010 01-003  Is Time Travel Possible?  Science       
06/30/2010 01-004  What Happened Before the Beginning?  Science       
07/07/2010 01-005  How Did We Get Here?  Science       
07/14/2010 01-006  Are We Alone?  Science       
07/21/2010 01-007  What Are We Really Made Of?  Science       
07/28/2010 01-008  Beyond the Darkness  Science       
06/08/2011 02-001  Is There Life After Death?  Science       
06/15/2011   Is There an Edge to the Universe  Science       
06/22/2011   Does Time Really Exist  Science       
06/29/2011   Are There More Than 3 Dimensions  Science       
07/06/2011   Is There a Sixth Sense?  Science       
07/13/2011   How Does the Universe Work?  Science       
07/20/2011   Can We Travel Faster Than Light?  Science       
07/27/2011   Can We Live Forever?  Science       
08/03/2011   What Do Aliens Look Like?  Science       
03/06/2012   Will We Survive First Contact  Science       
06/06/2012 03-001  Is There a Superior Race  Science       
06/13/2012   Is the Universe Alive  Science       
06/20/2012   What Makes Us Who We Are  Science       
06/27/2012   What Is Nothing?  Science       
07/11/2012   Can We Resurrect the Dead?  Science       
07/18/2012   Can We Eliminate Evil?  Science       
07/25/2012   Mysteries of the Subconcious  Science       
08/01/2012   Will Eternity End  Science       
08/08/2012   Did We Invent God  Science       
03/20/2013   Is There a God Particle?  Science       
06/05/2013 04-001  When Does Life Begin?  Science       
06/12/2013   Can We Survive the Death of the Sun?  Science       
06/19/2013   How Do Aliens Think?  Science       
06/26/2013   Can Our Minds Be Hacked?  Science       
07/03/2013   Will Sex Become Extinct?  Science       
07/10/2013   Are Robots the Future of Human Evolution?  Science       
07/17/2013   Is Reality Real?  Science       
07/24/2013   Do We Have Free Will?  Science       
07/31/2013   Did God Create Evolution?  Science       
03/05/2014   Is God an Alien Concept?  Science       
03/12/2014   Is Luck Real?  Science       
04/02/2014   When Did Time Begin?  Science       
06/04/2014 05-001  Is Poverty Genetic?  Science       
06/11/2014 05-002  How to Collapse a Superpower  Science       
06/18/2014 05-003  Does the Ocean Think?  Science       
06/25/2014 05-004  Is a Zombie Apocalypse Possible?  Science       
07/02/2014 05-005  Is Gravity An Illusion?  Science       
07/09/2014 05-006  Will We Become God?  Science       
07/16/2014 05-007  Is There A Shadow Universe?  Science       
07/23/2014 05-008  When Did Time Begin?  Science       
04/29/2015 06-001  Are We All Bigots?  Science      0.41 
05/06/2015   Can Time Go Backwards?  Science      0.34 
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