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Tiny House Hunters

Episode List: Tiny House Hunters

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
12/15/2014 01-001  Jersey City Newlyweds Search for Tiny House on Large Rural Lot  HGTV      1.67 
12/16/2014   Sound Healer Seeks Tiny House in Southern California  HGTV      1.54 
12/17/2014   Family of Six Downsizes from 2500 Sq. Ft. to Tiny Home  HGTV      1.93 
12/18/2014   Oregon Pear Farmers Build Tiny Home with a View in Their Orchard  HGTV      1.51 
12/19/2014   Firefighter Goes Super Tiny in Savannah  HGTV      1.27 
07/06/2015 02-001  Moving From Parents Place To Tiny House  HGTV      1.94 
07/07/2015   Tiny Life in Paradise  HGTV      1.7 
07/08/2015   Tiny Home in Mom's Backyard  HGTV      2.06 
07/09/2015   Going from a Ranch to a Tiny Home in Northern California  HGTV      2.01 
07/10/2015   A Traveling Nurse Needs a Traveling Tiny Home to Move with Her from Job to Job  HGTV      1.66 
10/19/2015   Joy and LaToya Are Leaving Hawaii Behind for a Tiny Living in California  HGTV      1.48 
10/20/2015   A Young, Single Guy in Ohio Seeks the Perfect Tiny House to Fit His No-Frills Lifestyle  HGTV      1.69 
10/21/2015   After Setbacks, a Florida Family Goes Tiny to Regain Their Financial Freedom  HGTV      1.62 
10/22/2015   Tiny House, Big Expectations  HGTV      1.67 
10/23/2015   Fresh Start, Tiny Space  HGTV      1.22 
11/21/2015   Heather Plans to Stay Tiny When She Relocates from Her Small Home in Alaska Back to Buffalo, NY  HGTV      1.46 
11/21/2015   Single Dad Jim is Downsizing to a Tiny House so that He and Daughter Denver Can Afford to Travel  HGTV      1.47 
12/14/2015   Family of Five Goes Tiny  HGTV      1.33 
12/15/2015   Wildlife Photographer Ryan Is Building His Own Tiny House in Fairplay, CO  HGTV      1.28 
12/16/2015   Tiny Living in Kentucky  HGTV      1.6 
12/17/2015   With Her Kids Grown Up, Annie Is Downsizing From 5 Bedrooms to 200 Sq. Ft.  HGTV      1.54 
12/18/2015   Teacher Seeks a Tiny Upgrade  HGTV      1.48 
12/26/2015   Starting Fresh by Going Small in San Diego  HGTV      1.36 
01/01/2016   Charleston Couple Goes Tiny  HGTV      1.39 
01/01/2016   World Traveler Goes Tiny  HGTV      1.41 
03/14/2016   Free-Spirited Mom Goes Tiny  HGTV       
03/14/2016 03-001  Dreams of Downsizing  HGTV       
03/21/2016   Fresh Start in Asheville  HGTV       
03/21/2016   Military Family Goes Tiny  HGTV       
03/28/2016   A Musician Looks to Simplify His Life by Going Tiny to Spend More Time on His Music  HGTV       
03/28/2016   Going Tiny to Trael  HGTV       
04/04/2016   Artist Couple Goes Tiny  HGTV       
04/04/2016   Colorado Couple Goes Tiny  HGTV       
04/11/2016   Free to Be Tiny  HGTV       
04/11/2016   Inspired to Go Tiny  HGTV       
04/18/2016   Backpackers Go Tiny  HGTV       
04/18/2016   Minimalist Couple Goes Tiny  HGTV       
08/01/2016   A Growing Family Looks for a Mobile Tiny House in Fullerton, CA  HGTV       
08/01/2016   Looking to Simplify, Christina and Her Daughter Hannah Are Going Tiny in Woodinville, Washington  HGTV       
08/08/2016   Going Tiny in Austin, Texas  HGTV       
08/08/2016   New Parents Go Tiny  HGTV       
08/15/2016   After Surviving Cancer, Kristi and Her Husband Rafael Are Going Tiny to Enjoy More Out of Life  HGTV       
08/15/2016   Starting Over in a Tiny House  HGTV       
08/22/2016   Outdoorsy Couple Goes Tiny  HGTV       
08/22/2016   Tiny with Teens  HGTV       
08/29/2016   Going Tiny In Sunny Florida  HGTV       
08/29/2016   Texans Go Tiny  HGTV       
09/05/2016   Going Tiny At Sea  HGTV       
09/05/2016   Student Looks To Graduate To Tiny Home  HGTV       
09/12/2016   Living Tiny in Texas  HGTV       
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