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Episode List: T.O.T.S.

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
06/14/2019   Panda Excess; A Stinky Situation  Disney Jr       
06/14/2019 01-001  You've Gotta Be Kitten Me; Whale, Hello There  Disney Jr       
06/21/2019   Cheetah Chase; Training Daze  Disney Jr       
06/28/2019   Nursery Schooling; Bunny Bunanza  Disney Jr       
07/05/2019   The Purrfect Little Helper; The Colorful Chameleon  Disney Jr       
07/12/2019   Stripe Out; A Splashy Delivery  Disney Jr       
07/19/2019   Night Flight; Slipper When Wet  Disney Jr       
07/26/2019   The Great Robot Race; Hiccup Hazard  Disney       
08/02/2019   Back to School; Baby Breakdown  Disney       
08/09/2019   Lost Lovey; Diggity Dog  Disney       
08/16/2019   Temple of the Tiger; The Gift-Mazing Birthday  Disney       
08/23/2019   The Bouncy Bouncy Baby; Like Cats and Dogs  Disney       
10/18/2019   Monkeying Around and Around; Koala Kuisine  Disney       
01/24/2020   The Valentine Spirit; Shell Games  Disney       
02/21/2020   The Fastest Flier; Best Friends Wherever  Disney       
03/13/2020   The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt; A Chewy Challenge  Disney       
03/20/2020   Night at the Nursery; Seas the Day  Disney       
06/19/2020   Daddy Delivery; Junior Flyer JP  Disney       
08/14/2020   Mid-Air Care; The Itsy Bitsy Baby  Disney       
08/21/2020   The Big Little Baby; The Super Secret Mission  Disney       
08/28/2020   Junior Junior Fliers; Good Vibrations  Disney       
09/11/2020   Mission to the Moon; Say Cheese  Disney       
09/25/2020   The Ring Bear; Bull of Energy  Disney       
10/02/2020   Under One Roof; A Spooky Delivery  Disney       
11/06/2020   Far Far From Home; Toy Trouble  Disney       
11/13/2020   TOTSGIVING; Woodbird's Wish  Disney       
11/20/2020   The Magical Baby; Loveys on the Loose  Disney       
12/04/2020   Hug-A-Pip; Out of Control Tower  Disney       
01/22/2021   Surfin' Birds; Grandpa's Great Adventure  Disney       
02/12/2021   Sled Pup; Baby Boogie  Disney       
02/19/2021   Listen to Your Llama; Swimming with Seals  Disney       
02/26/2021   Go Baby Go; Baby Freddy  Disney       
03/05/2021   Treasure Hunters; Up Up and Oh No  Disney       
03/12/2021   Pajama Party; The Bunny Bunch  Disney       
03/26/2021   Early Birds; Prank You Very Much  Disney       
04/16/2021   Mommy's Special Day; All Aboard Babies  Disney       
04/30/2021   Zebra Zebra; Snow Place Like Home  Disney       
05/07/2021   Team Cutie Patooties; The Adorable Artist  Disney       
05/21/2021   Home Tree Home; Copy Cat  Disney       
06/18/2021   Mia Goes to School; Adventures in Tigersitting  Disney       
07/09/2021 03-001  Missing Mia; Super Baby  Disney       
07/16/2021   Wilburt Woodbird; A Nutty Delivery  Disney Jr       
07/16/2021   Wilburt Woodbird; A Nutty Delivery  Disney       
07/23/2021   Freddy and the Furchoos; The Protective Papa  Disney       
07/30/2021   Flamingos on Ice; Bodhi and the Birdie  Disney       
09/10/2021   Manatee Out of Water; The Not-So Spooky Spider  Disney Jr       
09/17/2021   Cute as a Button; It Takes a Village  Disney Jr       
10/08/2021   Trunklebee's Day Off; Happy Go Lucky  Disney Jr       
11/26/2021   The Great Fredamingo; The Ram-bunctious Baby  Disney Jr