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Photo Credit:  Patrick Harbron / FX
  • Premiered: 
    June 24, 2014
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  • Network: FX
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Created by Gideon Raff 
  • Subject Matter: Family
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Plot Synopsis

TYRANT is a drama series that tells the story of an unassuming American family drawn into the inner workings of a turbulent Middle Eastern nation when the dictator's young son ends his self-imposed 20-year exile and returns home for his nephew's wedding. Barry Al-Fayeed, an American pediatrician living in Pasadena, CA, has hidden details from his wife and two children about his youth in his homeland of Abbudin. His immediate family knows he's the son of the country's despised dictator, but nobody else does. After a self-imposed 20-year exile in America, Barry finally agrees to return home for his nephew's wedding. Once there, he finds the situation both politically and personally volatile, with opposition to his tyrannical father and brother worsening. Barry's wife, Molly, is a successful internist, and she looks forward to finally meeting her in-laws, mostly because her husband's return to his boyhood home might unlock the part of him that he still keeps hidden from her. Their youngest child, 16-year-old Sammy, is a handsome gay athlete, who relishes the lavish lifestyle bestowed upon him at his family's palace. He is impressed with his uncle Jamal's arrogance and sense of entitlement, and makes no secret of his growing contempt for his own father. Sammy's sister, 17-year-old Emma, is aware of the nation's violent history and is uncomfortable with her family's role in it. She also worries about her brother Sammy, who is gay and blissfully unconcerned about the consequences of his actions in a conservative, foreign land. Her concerns are well-founded, because Sammy makes a sexual connection at the royal family wedding with a young man, Abdul, who comes from a long line of men who have proudly served as security for the Al-Fayeed family. Determined to make it through the wedding and get his family back to the safety of the United States, Barry is unprepared for his father Khaled's desire for him to step in and lead the family -- and the nation -- especially because his older brother, Jamal, is next-in-line for the Presidency. Jamal is an out-of-control, charismatic, cruel and entitled force of nature who wields his power with an unconscionable brutality. Prone to mood swings and uncontrolled bursts of temper, he alternates between jealousy, contempt and brotherly affection for Barry. Jamal is married to the stunningly beautiful Leila, a formidable match for her husband, who has her own strong ideas about how Abbudin should be ruled. Complicating the family dynamic, the matriarch of the Al-Fayeed clan, Amira, is the first lady of Abbudin, who stood firmly behind her husband throughout his rule -- and her relationship with Barry suffers because of it. Plus, Yussef, the longtime top political advisor to the President of Abbudin, has his country's best interests at heart, so he must contend with the internal politics within the Al-Fayeed family while fighting for his homeland. Meanwhile, John Tucker, a bureaucrat with the American Embassy in Abbudin, sees Barry's return and ascent as an opportunity to shape the nation's uncertain future. In the season ender, "Gone Fishing," Barry receives troublesome news that threatens to destroy everything he's worked so hard for. Meanwhile, Jamal's rising suspicions lead him to question the loyalty of those closest to him. TYRANT returned for its second season on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT on FX. Bassam 'Barry' Al-Fayeed, the youngest son of a war-torn country's controversial dictator, returns to his homeland after a self-imposed 20-year exile in America, only to be forced back into the treacherous familial and national politics of his youth. When his brother, Jamal, assumes the presidency, Barry becomes a powerful force within the government, fueled by visions of bringing humanitarian freedoms to his homeland. Upon realizing that Jamal lacks any sense of justice or morality, Barry colluded with members of the U.S. government on a failed attempt at overthrowing his tyrannical reign and was arrested on charges of treason. Having been betrayed by the West, Jamal now sets his sights on the East, developing an alliance with China that he hopes will make Abbudin a global power. But Barry continues to be a thorn in Jamal's side, becoming a symbol of freedom for the increasingly vocal insurgency. In the Season 2 premiere, "Mark of Cain," Barry awaits punishment for leading a failed coup and Jamal agonizes over whether or not to execute him; Molly fights to secure Barry's freedom before it's too late; Ihab and Samira turn to desperate tactics. On Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT, FX premiered the Season 2 finale of TYRANT. In the 70-minute season ender, "Pax Abuddin," it's a new dawn in Abuddin, and Jamal's fate -- along with that of the Al-Fayeed family -- remains uncertain. Recognizing the situation is ripe for turmoil, Barry encourages Rami to stay and oversee the transition. Leila cooperates with the Arab League, hoping to secure a position for herself and Ahmed in the new world order. The 10-episode third season of TYRANT premiered on Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 10pm ET/PT on FX. With Jamal's life in danger and Abuddin on the verge of plunging into chaos, Barry steps forward as interim president and sets the stage for democratic elections. Daliyah takes a leading role in the nation, bringing her close to Barry. Swept up in the tides of revenge, army leaders overstep their bounds in securing peace. For Season 3, Chris Noth joins the cast as William Cogswell, an American general who has been sent by the U.S. to advise the Abuddinian military and government. He is seeking to extend American influence in the region. Wry and pragmatic, Cogswell has a world weary sense of the quagmire that is the Middle East, as well as his own jingoistic impulses. But he has history there to back up these feelings, including a history with Leila.
On Wednesday, September 7, 2016 from 10-11:30pm ET/PT, FX premiered the Season 3 finale of TYRANT. In the 90-minute season ender, "Two Graves," Barry and Molly are on the brink of waging war on the Caliphate. Leila makes a bold political move and braves the possibility of a close betrayal. Barry and Daliyah face a final reckoning in their relationship. The conflict in Abuddin threatens to turn into a bloody civil war.


Production & Distribution

  • Produced by FOX 21
  • Produced by FX Productions


  • - Pasadena, California USA
  • - Abbudin

Births, Deaths & Weddings

  • July 20, 2016: Jamal Al-Fayeed dies
  • July 20, 2016: Emma Al-Fayeed dies