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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules

Photo Credit:  Tommy Garcia / Bravo

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Plot Synopsis

VANDERPUMP RULES is a reality series that follows the staff at Lisa Vanderpump's West Hollywood mainstay SUR (Sexy, Unique Restaurant), which has been the backdrop for many memorable moments on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS. SUR was the restaurant where Brandi Glanville and Scheana Marie, a female server who famously had an affair with Brandi's ex-husband, had their unexpected encounter. In this series, REAL HOUSEWIFE Lisa balances her motherly instincts and shrewd business sense, as she tries to keep control over her wild group of employees pursuing their dreams -- and each other. The staff at SUR includes: Scheana, the new girl at SUR, who is constantly faced with proving that she is not the same naive girl who fell for the man married to Lisa's close friend Brandi; Stassi, a server at SUR while pursuing her modeling career, who moved in with her boyfriend two years ago -- and the two have been fighting passionately and making up even more passionately ever since; Jax, a bartender at SUR, who enjoys the freedom, easy money and carefree lifestyle he has found in Hollywood but who often fights with girlfriend Stassi over his immature actions and inability to move their relationship to the next level; Kristen, the senior member of the SUR staff, who, after being a child actor and model, loves working side-by-side with her best friends Stassi and Katie, and her boyfriend of four years, Tom Sandoval; Tom, a bartender at SUR, who works there to make ends meet as he chases his dreams working in modeling, acting and playing guitar in a band; and Katie, a nice girl from Utah, who is finding that SUR has become her full-time job and the center of her social life, especially after she started dating one of Kristen's friends. On the night of the series premiere, Monday, January 7, 2013, Bravo aired a special two-hour episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS from 9-11pm ET/PT to introduced the series, which had its official debut at 11:30pm ET/PT the same night. On Monday, November 4, 2013 from 8-10pm ET/PT, Bravo presented the Season 2 premiere of VANDERMPUMP RULES as part of a two-hour crossover event with the Season 4 premiere of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS. In the first hour, RHoBH's Kyle Richards hired SUR to cater a cocktail party for the Chamber of Commerce, as she celebrated Beverly Hills' centennial at her home. At the party, Lisa struggled to keep tensions down between Brandi Glanville and Scheana. After the party wrapped up, SUR staffers Stassi, Jax, Katie, Tom and Scheana headed out to meet up with Kristen when serious tensions flared up. In an effort to mend her relationship with the group, Scheana invited everyone to her birthday party, but it didn't take long for catfights to erupt. VANDERPUMP RULES returned for its third season on Monday, November 3, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo. Lisa Vanderpump is once again flanked by SUR staffers Jax Taylor, Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, Scheana Marie, Tom Sandoval and former server Stassi Schroeder, along with Ariana Madix and Tom Schwartz. Lisa is looking to expand her empire with the opening of PUMP, a swanky lounge in the heart West Hollywood, but she has to work harder than ever to ensure that both PUMP and SUR succeed. While Lisa has been putting the finishing touches on her new hot spot, her current and former SUR staffers continue to lead entangled lives. The last anyone heard, Stassi found a new boyfriend, quit her job at SUR and moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion, but now she has followed her boyfriend back to Los Angeles and is disgusted to discover that nothing has changed with her former friends and co-workers. In the season ender, SUR's annual photo shoot turns tense as Tom Sandoval confronts Jax for stabbing him in the back. Katie forces Tom Schwartz to take action in their relationship, while Tom Sandoval and Ariana take their own relationship to a whole new level. While Stassi accepts Lisa's invitation to the restaurant's anniversary party, she finds returning to SUR more tense than nostalgic. Season 4 of VANDERPUMP RULES premiered on Monday, November 2, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo. This season, Lisa is joined once again by Jax Taylor, Scheana Shay, Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute, along with James Kennedy. On a mission to keep SUR one of the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles, Lisa is faced with the ongoing challenge of controlling her disorderly bartenders, servers, hostesses and bussers. Jax is trying - and failing - to overcome his impulsive nature and stay on his best behavior for his new girlfriend(s), while Kristen's troubles with boyfriend James land her in uncharted relationship waters. Meanwhile, as Tom Sandoval and Ariana's relationship grows deeper, some of their closest friendships shatter. For Katie and Tom Schwartz, a big step forward in their relationship involves a ring without a string, but first they must deal with the lingering issues between them. Newly married, Scheana quickly begins to fear her marriage may be on the rocks when she learns her husband has been keeping secrets. To top it off, the group's world is turned upside down when a major player from their past re-emerges to settle unresolved scores. Season 5 of VANDERPUMP RULES premiered on Monday, November 7, 2016 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo, shortly after an all-day marathon (6am-6pm) of encore episodes from the show's fourth season. The new season once again partners Lisa Vanderpump with Jax Taylor, Stassi Schroeder, Scheana Shay, Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, James Kennedy, Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, Kristen Doute, and Lala Kent. Amidst the constant chaos with her staff, Lisa manages to keep it classy as she balances her multiple restaurants, businesses, and philanthropic efforts. New to the SUR staff is Jax's country-tough girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, who must learn to live with a career playboy, gossip king, and notorious stretcher of the truth. Shortly after Brittany is hired, Jax spreads a scandalous rumor about her that threatens the best relationship he's ever had. With two months to go before their big day, Tom Schwartz and Katie's wedding planning is in full swing; they have even asked Lisa to officiate the ceremony. The two decide to throw a wild joint bachelor/bachelorette party in New Orleans -- but the celebration challenges their relationship in ways they never expected, making everyone wonder if the two will keep it together long enough to make it down the aisle! Scheana attempts to manage her friendships within the Stassi/Katie/Kristen BFF triangle, and although Stassi's officially made her way back into the SUR circle, she wonders if she will ever find love again. Back with a vengeance, Lala has never been one to shy away from vocalizing colorful opinions about her co-workers, and James continues to have an explosive temper, making the pair officially SUR's biggest outcasts. On the flip side, Tom Sandoval and Ariana find themselves caught in the middle of a SUR war as they try to maintain their friendships with James and Lala before being forced to pick sides. Season 6 of VANDERPUMP RULES premiered on Monday, December 4, 2017 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo, with a simulcast on E!. This season, Lisa forges ahead with her plan to add another restaurant to her growing empire but when her new partners, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, show their inexperience, the veteran restaurateur butts heads with them every step of the way. Newly single and nearly divorced, Scheana finds herself at the center of the SUR gossip when rumors about her new relationship begin to swirl. Ariana and Tom face one of the biggest fights of their relationship, as Tom's loyal dedication to his friends makes Ariana feel like an afterthought. When Lala convinces Lisa to give her one last chance at SUR, the former outcast finds herself in an unlikely new role of peacekeeper, which complicates her friendship with James as he deals with a shocking rumor about his sex-life. Stassi tries to salvage her four-year relationship with Patrick, while Kristen devotes her energy to breaking up Jax and Brittany rather than focusing on her own relationship. Meanwhile, Jax finds himself faced with a shocking accusation that could risk losing the best relationship he's ever had. Brittany wonders whether or not to stand by her man and the SUR gang is torn down the middle as they must decide where their loyalties lie.
On Monday, May 28, 2018 at 9pm ET/PT, Bravo premiered "Secrets Revealed," a one-hour VANDERPUMP RULES special. Andy Cohen joins Lisa and the cast to take a look at never-before-seen footage from Season 6. Lisa learns about Lala's financial arrangement with her boyfriend; Jax celebrates his birthday; Stassi, Katie, and Brittany try a new strategy to get over a hangover; Schwartz and Jax volunteer to build a house but find manual labor isn't their strong suit; James sheds new light on his former romance with Lala; and Schwartz and Sandoval secretly meet up with Scheana's ex-husband.


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