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Welcome to Plathville

Welcome to Plathville

  • Premiered: 
    November 5, 2019
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  • Network: TLC
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
  • Subject Matter: Family
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Plot Synopsis

WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE is a one-hour reality series that follows the Plath family in rural Georgia, where parents Kim and Barry Plath have built a unique life on a 55-acre farm in southern Georgia for their children, ages 6 to 21. The Plath kids have grown up running free and barefoot, climbing trees, catching bugs and finding the most creative ways to have fun together without the influence of social media and the outside world. The Plath kids aren't familiar with Lebron James or Justin Bieber, but according to their parents, they are more connected to each other and real-life than the average kid raised on television and mobile devices. Kim and Barry created this protected environment to shield their children from the chaos of the modern world and to instill the traditional values they hold so dear, especially regarding hard work, charitable morals and family roles. But recent changes to the family dynamic have challenged the Plath's preservation of their conservative lifestyle in today's modern world. The Plath children were all raised under the same roof with the same values, but just like any family, no two kids are alike -- they differ in temperament, from pious and dutiful to adventure-seeking and fun-loving. Almost a year ago, the oldest Plath, Ethan, married Olivia, whose open perspective and worldliness helped establish a contrasting set of rules for their household. They allow sugar, television, alcohol and social media, and are more exposed to different lifestyles and viewpoints. And while Ethan is enjoying being introduced to new things daily, it has resulted in tension between the households as this more modern lifestyle is influencing Ethan's siblings. The older children are starting to find their independence. 18-year-old Micah can come and go as he pleases, and he often visits Ethan and Olivia with 17-year-old Moriah, who has always craved more freedom and feels like the outcast of the family. Moriah finds a friend in Olivia, who is happy to widen her horizons. Both Moriah and Micah want to experience what the world has to offer, especially after seeing the life that Olivia and Ethan have created for themselves. Kim and Barry are challenged with trying to maintain a connection with Micah and Moriah while still protecting their younger kids from any outside, disruptive influence. But as they see the more modern world moving in, they're forced to deal with the consequences of a family that's changing faster than it ever has before.

Season 2 of WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE premiered on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 10pm ET/PT on TLC. The new season finds several of the children pushing the boundaries and questioning their family lifestyle. The Plath family has splintered into three separate households: Barry, Kim and their younger kids; Ethan and wife Olivia; and now, Micah and Moriah, teens who also have left the nest. This season the Plath children both young and old continue to test the limits and relish in new experiences beyond the fields of the family farm. From adventure seeking to exploring new love interests, and even tattoos, this season promises highs and lows, but will their family bond hold strong and help them through their journeys of self-discovery or will it push them further apart. Micah and Moriah have rented their own house, just blocks away from Ethan and Olivia, and their parents. They love what their newfound freedom is allowing them to experience! Micah is embracing the "outside world;" he is dating, traded in his cows to buy a new car and pursuing his modeling career, which includes a steamy photo shoot. Moriah is working two jobs as a fitness instructor and a mechanic, which provides her the money to support a budding music career as she also starts dating and meets her first boyfriend. But things take an interesting turn when he wants to meet her parents! After marrying and hoping to move away from the rigidity of their restrictive families, Ethan Plath and wife Olivia found that the family restrictions didn't end when they said, "I Do." No longer trusted to see the younger kids unsupervised, the family drama had put a lot of strain on their relationship, pushing them to talk of divorce. So, Ethan cut off all contact with Kim and Barry to focus on saving their marriage. They continue to try and escape their past with new adventures such as heading west to California, getting in touch with their spiritual side at the desert and rebellious acts like getting tattoos. Despite the family struggles, Ethan and Olivia have an appetite for fun and they're determined to live their lives to the fullest and make their marriage work! The Plath family have moved off the farm and into their dream house and continue their pursuit of their idyllic lifestyle. They now live literally blocks away from Ethan and Olivia who have made it clear they want their own space. As Micah and Moriah challenge Kim and Barry to relax their rules for the younger kids Barry and Kim stay resolute in their beliefs. They continue to follow their own rules and conservative lifestyle; protecting their younger kids from any outside, disruptive influence. The kids are still not allowed to use phones, access the internet and sugar is still taboo!

Season 3 of WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE premiered on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 on TLC at 10pm ET/PT, shortly after a new one-hour special at 8pm. Last season the Plath family splintered into three separate households: Barry, Kim and their younger kids; Ethan and wife Olivia; and now, Micah and Moriah, teens who also have left the nest. This season, the older kids are still on their own journey to self-discovery but while some Plaths want to make amends with their parents and continue to see their siblings, that's not the case for everyone. Tensions continue to rise, marriages are tested and new love is blossoming in this all new season. The new season kicks off with a special (8pm) and the season opener (10pm).

WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE returned for its 12-episode fourth season on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 10pm ET/PT on TLC. Kim and Barry raised their nine kids on an idyllic and secluded farm in southern Georgia, separated from social media and modern culture but life looks a whole lot different for the family now. Ethan, Olivia and Moriah are in Tampa, far from the family drama but making it on their own in a new city is not all fun and games. Micah is stretching his wings in Los Angeles and finding new friends and room to grow. Kim and Barry have five of their nine kids still living in their house but life is no longer as conservative as it once was. Kim is questioning their lifestyle and her choices overall and some unexpected alliances and friendships occur as a result. As the Plaths explore new cities, navigate their love lives, change and grow in ways none of them ever expected, what's certain is the recent past never seemed so far behind.

The fifth season of WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE premiered on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 10pm ET/PT on TLC. Life for the Plath family looks very different in Season 5, as parents Kim and Barry are separated and on their way to a divorce. Their five youngest kids split their time with Barry and Kim, who are now living separately, while the older children continue to explore their independence. Moriah reignites her faith in God while at the same time staying in her role as the family rebel and getting more tattoos. Moriah has also reached a breaking point with her former best friend and Ethan's wife, Olivia, and makes a controversial decision. Micah is on his own in California, but he stays connected and plays a key role in improving the family's communication with one another. He influences his dad, Barry, to bulk up in a new fitness journey. Kim embarks on her own journey as she steps into the dating world in search of a new love. Meanwhile, the fundamental differences in family values between Ethan and Olivia come to a head.
On Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at 10pm ET/PT, TLC premiered "To Be or Not To Be..," the Season 5 finale of WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE. Ethan and Moriah's feud comes to a head as they hash out past disagreements; Kim moves the remainder of her things out of the family home; Ethan and Olivia have an honest conversation about the future of their relationship.


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