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What on Earth?

Episode List: What on Earth?

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/10/2015 01-001  Lake of Blood  Science       
02/17/2015   Lost City of Gold  Science       
02/24/2015   Secrets of Sahara  Science       
03/03/2015   Finding Sodom  Science       
03/10/2015   North Korea Is Burning  Science       
03/17/2015   Nazi Ice Fortress  Science       
01/26/2016 02-001  Finding Vietnam's Lost POWs  Science      0.63 
02/02/2016   Secret of Doomsday Mountain  Science      0.6 
02/09/2016   Lost City of Kalahari  Science       
02/16/2016   Who Built Supervillain Island?  Science       
02/23/2016   Curse of the Lost Kingdom  Science       
03/01/2016   Hidden Tomb of Genghis Khan  Science       
03/26/2016   Bible's Greatest Mysteries  Science       
03/29/2016   Secrets of Lost Cities  Science       
04/05/2016   Military Mysteries  Science       
04/12/2016   Strange Things in the Desert  Science       
04/26/2016   Unsolved Mysteries  Science       
05/03/2016   Curse of the Abyss  Science       
05/10/2016   Stranger Than Fiction  Science       
11/15/2016 03-001  Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon  Science       
11/22/2016   Mystery in the Outback  Science       
11/29/2016   Riddle in the Ruins  Science       
12/06/2016   Stonehenge of the Holy Land  Science       
12/13/2016   Did We Fight Flight 370?  Science       
12/20/2016   Gateway to Eden  Science       
01/03/2017   Dagger of Tutankhamun  Science       
01/10/2017   Raiders of the Holy Lance  Science       
01/17/2017   The Swastika Conspiracy  Science       
01/24/2017   Inside El Chapo's Escape  Science       
01/31/2017   Ghost of Zorro  Science       
02/07/2017   Curse of the Sea Monster  Science       
02/11/2017   Outback to Ocean  Discovery       
02/14/2017   Strange Symbols in the Desert  Science       
02/21/2017   Bloody Secret of the Lost City  Science       
02/28/2017   Lost Empire of the Amazon  Science       
03/07/2017   Siberian Hell Pit  Science       
03/11/2017   Myths and Mysteries  Science       
03/14/2017   Grand Canyon of the Arctic  Science       
03/18/2017 Special  Here Be Monsters  Science       
03/21/2017   Hunt for El Dorado  Science       
03/25/2017 Special  Into the Unknown  Science       
03/28/2017   Forbidden Cities of the Maya  Science       
04/01/2017 Special  Secrets and Lies  Science       
04/04/2017   The Curse of Merlin  Science       
04/08/2017 Special  Forbidden Places  Science       
04/15/2017 Special  Bible's Greatest Secrets  Science       
04/22/2017 Special  Curses and Legends  Science       
04/29/2017 Special  Strangest Things  Science       
05/06/2017 Special  Expedition Truth  Science       
05/13/2017 Special  Lost Worlds  Science       
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