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Design on a Dime

Episode List: Design on a Dime

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
  Boring Guest Bedroom  HGTV       
  Contemporary Holiday Design  HGTV       
  Contemporary Young Adult Bedroom  HGTV       
  Modern, Inviting Living Room  HGTV       
01-002  Hip, Retro Living Room  HGTV       
01-003  Old European-Inspired Bedroom  HGTV       
01-004  Asian-Themed Bachelor Pad  HGTV       
01-005  Multipurpose Asian-Style Space  HGTV       
01-006  Cozy Cottage Bedroom  HGTV       
01-007  Classic, Comfortable Living Room  HGTV       
01-008  Modern Spanish Master Bedroom  HGTV       
01-009  Functional and Funky Loft  HGTV       
01-010  Sophisticated Shabby Chic Living Room  HGTV       
01-011  Mission-Inspired Living Room  HGTV       
01-012  Art Deco Studio Apartment  HGTV       
01-013  Moroccan Dining Experience  HGTV       
02-001  Garden-Themed Nursery  HGTV       
02-002  Travel-Themed Retro Guest Room  HGTV       
02-003  Bold and Elegant Living Room  HGTV       
02-004  Multifunctional Family Room  HGTV       
02-005  Refined Industrial Home Office  HGTV       
02-006  Tranquil Music Room and Retreat  HGTV       
02-007  Contemporary Bedroom  HGTV       
02-008  Twin Six-Year-Old Girls' Fantasy Bedroom  HGTV       
02-009  Retro Home Office  HGTV       
02-010  Inviting Mexican Kitchen  HGTV       
02-011  Soothing Bedroom Retreat  HGTV       
02-012  Spa-Like Master Bath  HGTV       
03-001  Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen  HGTV       
03-002  Contemporary Bachelor Pad  HGTV       
03-003  Travel-Themed Office  HGTV       
03-004  Art Deco Bedroom  HGTV       
03-005  Luxurious Living Room  HGTV       
03-006  English Library  HGTV       
03-007  Spanish-Style Bedroom  HGTV       
03-008  French Country Family Room  HGTV       
03-009  Vintage Country Kitchen  HGTV       
03-010  Tranquil Master Bedroom  HGTV       
03-011  Contemporary Asian Bedroom  HGTV       
03-012  Cramped Dorm Room  HGTV       
03-013  Tropical-Style Retreat  HGTV       
03-014  Contemporary Living Room  HGTV       
04-001  Earthy Living Room  HGTV       
04-002  1950s American Kitchen to European Cafe  HGTV       
04-003  Inviting and Functional Home Office  HGTV       
04-004  Unbalanced Dining Room  HGTV       
04-005  Modern Living/Dining Room  HGTV       
04-006  New Nursery  HGTV       
04-007  Contemporary Master Bedroom  HGTV       
04-008  French Country Bedroom  HGTV       
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