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Falling Skies

Falling Skies

Photo Credit:  James Dittinger / TNT
  • Premiered: 
    June 19, 2011
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  • Network: TNT
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Created by Robert Rodat 
  • Subject Matter: Science Fiction
  • Tags:

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Plot Synopsis

Six months after an alien attack has left the world incapacitated, a group of survivors in the 2nd Massachusetts regiment try to survive their apocalyptic world, fight back against the occupying alien force, and hopefully outsmart and overtake them so they can rebuild their lives. Tom Mason is a Boston history professor who, as second in command of the 2nd Mass, uses his knowledge of military history to help protect hundreds of civilians while he deals with the fact that his wife was killed shortly after the initial alien attack and that aliens kidnapped Ben, one of his three sons. At the end of Season 1, Tom gave himself to the aliens to save his own son, and after three months on the alien ship, he returns at the start of Season 2. During Season 2, Tom is haunted by his time with the aliens and begins to wonder whether they are affecting his decisions. Plus, the group discovers a potential skitter rebellion and learns that several groups of survivors are banding together in Charleston, where they arrive in the penultimate episode. Season 3 opens seven months after the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston, after Tom has been elected to political office. But Tom was not the only 2nd Mass leader dealing with the loss of a loved one at the beginning -- pediatrician Anne Glass lost her only child in the initial attack, a tragedy she still avoids facing by immersing herself in her work at a makeshift clinic ,where she helps survivors cope both physically and emotionally with their situation. Now, in Season 3, she and Tom prepare to welcome their new baby. Weaver, a tough rattlesnake of a soldier with a no-nonsense attitude, is the commanding officer of 2nd Mass, and he keeps the story of his personal loss buried underneath a dogged determination to kill the enemy every chance he gets. Other key members of the group also include: Hal, Tom's oldest son and a growing fighter in the resistance movement, who can be impulsive under fire but is brave and confident in the field; Matt, Tom's youngest son, who is an 8-year-old child struggling to understand the new world and desperately wishing for everything to go back to normal; Lourdes, a young college student whose pre-med education was cut short, who helps Anne by working as a medic in the group's makeshift medical clinic; Anthony and Dai, two resistance fighters in the 2nd Mass, who were a Boston police officer and highly skilled soldier, respectively, before the invasion; John Pope, the head of a gang of marauders, who is willing to take hostages to gain weapons and who considers the invasion the best thing that ever happened to him; and Margaret, a wary survivor, who joins the 2nd Mass after spending a difficult time with Pope's misfit gang. By the end of the third season, the human population in the new capital of Charleston reluctantly welcomed assistance from the Volm, a new race of aliens promising to supply the humans with a secret weapon that would win the war against the Espheni. After working together to destroy a major Espheni base, however, the Volm's real intentions regarding the Earth become murky. Meanwhile, Tom and Ann's rapidly growing daughter has begun to display remarkable abilities, raising fears about who or what she really is. FALLING SKIES returned for its fourth season on Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 10pm ET/PT on TNT. Season 4 opened on the outskirts of Charleston, just steps away from perceived safety, where The Mason Clan and the remaining 2nd Mass suddenly find themselves under brutal attack by a new Espheni war machine -- and a new, deadly creation unlike anything previously encountered. Divided like chattel and spread to the winds, The Masons must each forge new relationships and abilities to survive. On Sunday, August 31, 2014 from 9-11pm ET/PT, TNT premiered the two-hour Season 4 finale of FALLING SKIES. In the first part of the finale, "Space Oddity," Tom's mission to destroy the Espheni Power Core is complicated by the return of Lexi, who is forced to take extreme measures to save her father's life -- and her own -- after a Beamer malfunction. Meanwhile, the 2nd Mass fears an impending Espheni strike by the scorched Overlord. Then in Part 2, "Shoot the Moon," Tom and Lexi must defeat his mortal enemy and find a way to destroy the omnipotent Espheni Power Core. Meanwhile, a new and terrifying Espheni Bomb is dropped onto Chinatown, immobilizing the 2nd Mass and preparing them for Human Skitterizaton. The fifth and final season of FALLING SKIES premiered on Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 10pm on TNT. On the heels of Tom and Lexi's successful, albeit tragic, mission to destroy the Espheni power core on the moon, Season 5 picks up with Tom's life hanging in the balance as his Beamer drifts into space. While onboard the beamer, Tom encounters a surprising guest who urges him to find his inner warrior. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Anne reluctantly steps into Tom's shoes to help lead the 2nd Mass in his absence. Against all odds, Tom makes a miraculous, yet mysterious, return to earth. Once reunited with the 2nd Mass, Tom shares a new plan for winning the war. The Espheni, for the first time, are on their heels, and the 2nd Mass will not rest until they are gone from this planet for good.
On Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT, TNT premiered the series finale of FALLING SKIES. In the series ender, "Reborn," the final standoff brings the Masons, the 2nd Mass and their new allies into the bowels of an iconic American location, wrought with new and unpredictable obstacles. Despite great loss along the way, they must persevere with hopes of once and for all reclaiming Earth and humanity.


Production & Distribution

  • Produced by DreamWorks Television

Births, Deaths & Weddings

  • July 10, 2011: Dr. Michael Harris dies
  • August 19, 2012: Dai dies
  • June 9, 2013: Alexis 'Lexi' Glass-Mason is born
  • June 9, 2013: Arthur Manchester dies
  • August 3, 2014: Roger Kadar dies
  • August 3, 2014: Aloysius 'Tector' Murphy dies
  • August 3, 2014: Lourdes Delgado dies