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Top 10 St. Patrick's Day TV Episodes

Mike Vicic - March 17, 2014




It's St. Patrick's Day on 2 BROKE GIRLS on Monday (Mar. 17 at 8:30pm ET/PT on CBS). In tonight's episode, "And the Kilt Trip," Caroline tries to fit in with Max and the diner gang as they go out to get wild and crazy at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but she finds herself longing to practice her former holiday traditions at the Plaza Hotel. In honor of this annual bash -- a day for Guinness, parades, and little men in green suits -- TV Tango kissed the Blarney Stone and found the 10 best St. Patrick's Day episodes in TV history.



If you can't wait until Monday to celebrate the luck of the Irish on TV, we scoured broadcast grids for Monday, March 17, and found these options, including a few of our top 10 episodes:

  • ABC (1-2pm): THE CHEW "Luck O' the Irish"
  • Disney (2-3:35pm): THE LUCK OF THE IRISH
  • Disney Jr. (12:30-1pm): HANDY MANNY "St. Patrick's Day"
  • FX (4:30-5pm): HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "No Tomorrow"
  • MeTV (2-3pm): BONANZA "Hoss and the Leprechauns"
  • Syfy (9:30am-5:20pm): LEPRECHAUN'S REVENGE Marathon
  • Syndicated (check local listings): 30 ROCK "St. Patrick's Day"
  • Syndicated (check local listings): LET'S ASK AMERICA "St. Patrick's Day"
  • Syndicated (check local listings): THE OFFICE "St. Patrick's Day"
  • Syndicated (check local listings): RACHAEL RAY "Chef Curtis Stone Is Hanging with Rach for the Whole Show to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day!"
  • TLC (10-11pm): MY BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDING "The Luck of the Irish"

Series: The Office


Episode: "St. Patrick's Day" (March 11, 2010)

Great Moment: Michael's dreadful Irish accent at the top 'o the show. (Honorable Mention: Andy wearing a kilt.)


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: The entire office -- especially Meridith -- has one perfect day a year. St. Patrick's Day. They've planned their annual 5pm party at the pub, but Jo expects them to work late...until Michael stops sucking up and parties instead!

Series: 30 Rock


Episode: "The Funcooker" (March 12, 2009)

Great Moment: Tracy showing his own funcooker on camera on "TGS."


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: Tracy hosts the St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City and swears at his co-host, Jenna, when she passes out. After being fined by the FCC, Tracy learns a simple lesson -- "if you pay some money afterwards, you can say whatever you want on TV." Fun fact about the St. Patrick's Day Parade: The first television coverage of the St. Patrick's Day Parade grew unexpectedly out of local New York station WPIX's effort to test a new camera and microphone on St. Patrick's Day in 1949.

Series: How I Met Your Mother


Episode: "No Tomorrow" (March 17, 2008)

Great Moment: Barney in a green pimp suit.


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: Barney, in his best leprechaun (or NBA-player) garb, actually convinces Ted to party like there's no tomorrow. Good thing, too, because that's the only reason why Ted goes to the St. Patrick's Day bash where he eventually finds the mother's yellow umbrella.

Series: Lil' Bush


Episode: "St. Patrick's Day" (March 12, 2008)

Great Moment: K-Fed raps as MC Rove, an alter ego for Lil' Karl Rove.


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: The Lil' Dems are planning an all-inclusive St. Patrick's Day Parade, and the Lil' Cronies call in Lil' Karl Rove (voiced by Kevin Federline) to ruin the parade.

Series: According to Jim


Episode: "The Thin Green Line" (March 14, 2006)

Great Moment: The credits. We threw this one in there just to see if you're paying attention.


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: Each year on St. Patrick's Day, Jim transforms into the partying Green Man. This time, Cheryl asks Jim to give Green Man a rest for a year since she's seeking a spot on the Church Advisory Board and doesn't want to be embarrassed.

Series: Futurama


Episode: "Luck of the Fryish" (March 11, 2001)

Great Moment: Fry learns that the millionaire rock-star astronaut is actually his namesake nephew -- and not his brother.


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: Fry's good-luck charm is a seven-leaf clover and is so much better than that plain ol' shamrock we celebrate on St. Patrick's Day.

Series: Beverly Hills, 90210


Episode: "The Leprechaun" (March 17, 1999)

Great Moment: Steve's dopey jig when he tells Janet about his brainstorm.


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: Steve decides to capitalize on St. Patrick's day for a new marketing campaign for his newspaper. He dresses up a little person as a leprechaun and offers a pot of gold to the person who captures the little guy.

Series: The Simpsons


Episode: "Homer vs. the 18th Amendment" (March 16, 1997)

Great Moment: Moe converting his illegal bar into a pet shop.


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: Bart gets drunk at the St. Patrick's Day Parade, causing the residents of Springfield to push for prohibition. Once the city enforces its long-forgotten 18th Amendment to ban alcohol, Homer becomes the 'Beer Baron' and supplies illegal homemade beer to local pubs.

Series: All in the Family


Episode: "Too Good Edith" (April 8, 1979)

Great Moment: Archie showing his sensitive side, admitting to Edith "I ain't nothing without you."


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: Archie was throwing his annual St. Patrick's Day bash in the bar, and Edith spent the day in the kitchen making food even though she was ill. Archie gives up hosting the party to spend time with Edith on her sick bed.

Series: Bewitched


Episode: "The Leprechaun" (March 17, 1966)

Great Moment: When we find out that the leprechaun is Darrin's relative -- not Samantha's.


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: Brian O'Brian is a leprechaun and it aired on St. Patrick's Day. How much more of a connection do you want? To regain his powers, Brian wants to claim his pot of gold from one of Darrin's clients.

Series: Bonanza


Episode: "Hoss and the Leprechauns" (December 22, 1963)

Great Moment: Watching Hoss try to get his story straight before talking to his Pa.


Connection to St. Paddy's Day: A group of leprechauns and a pot -- well, a strong box -- of gold. Hoss comes across one little person dressed in green and finds gold. Word about leprechauns gets out and residents of Virginia City converge on The Ponderosa to look for little green men and their gold.


If you want to watch something longer about St. Patrick's Day, check out this TV movie:

TV Movie: St. Patrick: The Irish Legend


Airdate: March 12, 2000

Connection to St. Paddy's Day: This TV Movies tells the story of Irish Catholic spiritual leader St. Patrick. In fifth century A.D. Patrick is born in Briton, the son of nobility, but his rebellious youth is cut short when he is kidnapped and enslaved by a cruel Irish Druid chieftain. He rediscover his faith in God and escapes. He is troubled by visions--the voices of the Irish pleading with him to return and lead them to god. He becomes a priest then a Bishop, returning to Ireland to bring God to his people but his effort are repeatedly jeopardized by the Church of Britain.