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Caribbean Life

Episode List: Caribbean Life

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01/01/2014 00-001  A Family from St. Louis Looks for Their Dream on St. Croix  HGTV       
01/01/2014 00-002  A Couple Is Looking to Settle Down by Buying Their First House Together in St. Croix  HGTV       
03/30/2014 01-001  A Couple Moves from Cold Connecticut to Sunny Sint Maarten  HGTV      1.71 
03/30/2014 01-002  A Family Leaves the Freezing Cold of Vermont for the Tropical Climate of Vieques, Puerto Rico  HGTV      1.87 
04/06/2014 01-003  Two DJs Feel the Beat in Sunny Sint Maartin  HGTV      1.52 
04/06/2014 01-005  Husband and Wife Move from New York to Sun and Surf of Rincon, Puerto Rico  HGTV      1.4 
04/13/2014 01-006  From the Cold of Chicago and the Crowds of San Juan to the Countryside of Puerto Rico  HGTV      1.49 
04/13/2014 01-007  Husband and Wife Leave the Snowy Mountains of West Virginia for the Dominican Republic  HGTV      1.57 
04/20/2014 01-004  A Couple from Minnesota Looks for a Dream Home in Vieques  HGTV      1.4 
04/20/2014 01-008  A Family Throws Caution to the Wind and Makes the Move to the Dominican Republic  HGTV      1.28 
04/27/2014 01-009  Husband and Wife Leave Land Locked Life for Island Paradise of St. Lucia  HGTV       
05/04/2014 01-012  A Family Says So Long to Illinois Winters and Hello to a Life of Sand and Sun in Turks and Caicos  HGTV      1.55 
05/11/2014 01-010  Moving Out of Nebraska for Island Life of Turks and Caicos  HGTV      1.29 
05/11/2014 01-011  From Freezing Canada to the Dream of a Lifetime in Turks and Caicos  HGTV      1.37 
01/01/2015 02-000  A Family Leaves Dry Texas for Tropical Roatan, Honudras  HGTV      1.4 
01/01/2015 02-000  Busy New Yorkers Move to St. Croix to Open an Events and Catering Business  HGTV      1.38 
01/04/2015 02-001  A Couple Leaves West Virginia to Open a Restaurant and Start a New Life in St. Croix  HGTV      1.55 
01/04/2015 02-009  A Couple Trades in their Seattle Lives and Careers to Start Their Own Business in Bocas Del Toro  HGTV      1.57 
01/11/2015   A Colorado Family Leaves Snowy Fort Collins for the Caribbean Life in Bocas Del Toro, Panama  HGTV      1.17 
01/11/2015   A Couple Moves from Cold New England to the Island Tropics of Vieques, Puerto Rico  HGTV      1.19 
01/18/2015   A Mom, Dad and Their Four Kids Move from Michigan to St. Croix to Live the Caribbean Life  HGTV      1.27 
01/18/2015   From the Desert of Flagstaff, Arizona to theTropics of Isabella, Puerto Rico  HGTV       
01/25/2015   A Couple Leaves Landlocked Austin, Texas for a Dream Life in Roatan, Honduras  HGTV      1.18 
01/25/2015   A Pennsylvania Family Moves to Puerto Rico for Culture,Sun and Local Cuisine  HGTV      1.26 
02/08/2015   A Couple Leaves Canada to Open a Catamaran Business in Roatan, Honduras  HGTV      1.12 
02/08/2015   With the Job Transfer of Their Dreams, a Young Couple Moves to Puerto Rico  HGTV      1.2 
02/15/2015   A Los Angeles Family of Four Trades in Their Cars for Boats and Move to Bocas Del Toro, Panama  HGTV      1.04 
02/15/2015   Newlyweds Leave Their Ohio Home to Move to a Place They Have Only Seen in Photos, St. Croix  HGTV      0.86 
03/01/2015   A Canadian Family, Originally from the Caribbean, Escapes the Snow for Life in Barbados  HGTV      1.32 
03/01/2015   A Veterinarian and His Family Get the Chance of a Lifetime to Live and Work in the Cayman Islands  HGTV      1.26 
03/08/2015   A Dallas Couple Trade in Their Hectic Texas Lives to Move to St. Thomas and Start a Vineyard  HGTV      1.6 
03/08/2015   A Los Angeles TV Executive Returns to His Roots in the Cayman Islands  HGTV      1.55 
03/15/2015   A Canadian Couple Moves Themselves and Their Retiring Parents to the Bliss of Barbados  HGTV      1.7 
03/15/2015   A Texas Family Moves to the Dominican Republic, Lured by a Dad's Love of the Island from Years Ago  HGTV      1.61 
03/22/2015   A New England Family Moves to St. John to Make Their Vacation Spot a Permanent Home  HGTV      1.6 
03/22/2015   Successful New Mexico Entrepreneurs Follow Their Dream and Move to Cozumel to Open a New Business  HGTV      1.48 
03/29/2015   DC Couple Returns to Their Roots on St. Maarten to Start a Bike Rental Business and a New Life  HGTV      1.69 
03/29/2015   Successful Canada Couple Moves to the Dominican Republic and Opens an Event Photography Company  HGTV      1.5 
04/05/2015   A Couple Leaves the Hustle of NYC to Be Their Own Bosses of a Restaurant on St. Thomas  HGTV      1.68 
04/05/2015   A Denver Couple Are About to Get Married and Move to Playa Del Carmen  HGTV      1.74 
04/12/2015   A Pilot and His Wife Relocate from the Heat of Texas to the Warm Breezes of the Dominican Republic  HGTV      1.53 
04/12/2015   A Texas Couple Finally Moves to Cozumel and Fulfills a Lifelong Dream of Caribbean Living  HGTV      1.55 
01/01/2016   Newlyweds Look for a New Home and Business in Jamaica  HGTV      1.25 
01/01/2016   West Virginian Family Trades Country Roads for Ocean Views  HGTV      1.32 
01/03/2016   Ditching the Hustle and Bustle of LA for a New Life in Bocas del Toro  HGTV      1.48 
01/03/2016   The Bahamas Beckons a Florida Couple  HGTV      1.54 
01/10/2016   Lawyer Trades City Life for Relaxing Beaches in Utila  HGTV      1.46 
01/10/2016   Los Angeles Family Goes Back Home to the Cayman Islands  HGTV      1.46 
01/17/2016   A Doctor and Nurse Take the Plunge in St. Croix  HGTV      1.52 
01/17/2016   Canadian Couple Seek Great Diving in Utila  HGTV      1.48 
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