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Episode List: Dynasty

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
10/11/2017 01-001  I Hardly Recognized You  CW       
10/18/2017   Spit It Out  CW       
10/25/2017   Guilt Is for Insecure People  CW       
11/01/2017   Private as a Circus  CW       
11/08/2017   Company Slut  CW       
11/15/2017   I Exist Only for Me  CW       
11/29/2017   A Taste of Your Own Medicine  CW       
12/06/2017   The Best Things in Life  CW       
12/13/2017   Rotten Things  CW       
01/17/2018   A Well-Dressed Tarantula  CW       
01/24/2018   I Answer to No Man  CW       
01/31/2018   Promises You Can't Keep  CW       
02/07/2018   Nothing But Trouble  CW       
03/09/2018   The Gospel According to Blake Carrington  CW       
03/16/2018   Our Turn Now  CW       
03/23/2018   Poor Little Rich Girl  CW       
03/30/2018   Enter Alexis  CW       
04/06/2018   Don't Con a Con Artist  CW       
04/20/2018   Use or Be Used  CW       
04/27/2018   A Line From the Past  CW       
05/04/2018   Trashy Little Tramp  CW       
05/11/2018   Dead Scratch  CW       
10/12/2018 02-001  Twenty-Three Skidoo  CW       
10/19/2018   Ship of Vipers  CW       
10/26/2018   The Butler Did It  CW       
11/02/2018   Snowflakes in Hell  CW       
11/09/2018   Queen of Cups  CW       
11/16/2018   That Witch  CW       
11/30/2018   A Temporary Infestation  CW       
12/07/2018   A Real Instinct for the Jugular  CW       
12/21/2018   Crazy Lady  CW       
01/18/2019   A Champagne Mood  CW       
01/25/2019   The Sight of You  CW       
02/01/2019   Filthy Games  CW       
02/08/2019   Even Worms Can Procreate  CW       
03/15/2019   Parisian Legend Has It...  CW       
03/22/2019   Motherly Overprotectiveness  CW       
03/29/2019   Miserably Ungrateful Men  CW       
04/19/2019   How Two-Faced Can You Get  CW       
04/26/2019   Life Is a Masquerade Party  CW       
05/03/2019   This Illness of Mine  CW       
05/10/2019   New Lady in Town  CW       
05/17/2019   Thicker Than Money  CW       
05/24/2019   Deception, Jealousy, and Lies  CW