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Forbidden History

Episode List: Forbidden History

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09/27/2013 01-001    Yesterday       
03/09/2015 01-001  Top Secret Nazi UFOs  AHC       
03/16/2015   The Lost Treasure of the Templars  AHC       
03/23/2015   The Treasure of Solomon  AHC       
03/30/2015   The Genius of Nikola Tesla  AHC       
04/19/2015   The Lost Treasures of Petra  AHC       
04/26/2015   The Real Holy Grail  AHC       
05/03/2015   The Third Secret of Fatima  AHC       
05/10/2015   The Bloodline of Christ  AHC       
05/17/2015   The Mystery of the Giants  AHC       
05/31/2015   The Oracles of the Dead  AHC       
06/07/2015   The Secrets of the Alchemists  AHC       
06/14/2015   Secrets of the Illuminati  AHC       
05/01/2016 03-001  The Real Ark of the Covenant  AHC       
05/08/2016   Hitler: Suicide or Survivor?  AHC       
05/15/2016   The Man in the Iron Mask  AHC       
05/22/2016   In Search of the Real King Arthur  AHC       
05/29/2016   Inside the Cult of Satan  AHC       
06/05/2016   Bloodlust: Real Vampires  AHC       
07/05/2017   The Secrets of the Vatican Archives  AHC       
07/19/2017   The Dark Truths Of The Templars  AHC       
07/26/2017   The Real Mary Magdalene  AHC       
12/02/2018 Special  Quest for King Arthur & the Holy Grail  Science       
12/09/2018 Special  The Ark and the Templars: The Dark Secrets  Science       
04/14/2019 05-001  The Dead Sea Scrolls Conspiracy  Science       
04/21/2019 05-002  Secret History of Jesus  Science       
04/28/2019 05-003  Secret Societies: Mystery and Conspiracy  Science       
05/05/2019 05-004  Hunt for Nazi Treasure  Science       
05/12/2019 05-005  Ghosts of the Berlin Wall  Science       
05/17/2019   Curse of the Secret Societies  Science       
05/17/2019   Secret History of Mary Magdalene  Science       
05/17/2019   Sex, Lies, and Secret Police  Science       
05/19/2019 05-006  Secret History of James Bond  Science       
05/26/2019   Hunt for Hidden Treasure  Science       
09/29/2019   Secrets of the Templar Treasure  Science       
10/06/2019   Lost Treasures of the Holy Land  Science       
10/13/2019   Mysteries of the Unexplained  Science       
10/20/2019   Nazi Doomsday Plan  Science       
10/27/2019   The Illuminati Conspiracy  Science       
12/03/2019   King Arthur's Forbidden Secrets  Science       
12/10/2019   Mystery of Mary Magdalene  Science       
12/17/2019   Ark of the Covenant: The New Evidence  Science       
12/24/2019   Mystery of the Illuminati  Science       
12/31/2019   Secrets of the Templars  Science       
01/07/2020   Nazi UFO Conspiracy  Science       
01/14/2020   Legend of James Bond  Science       
01/21/2020   Monsters and Myths  Science       
01/28/2020   Secret Treasure of Petra  Science       
02/04/2020   Hunt for the Templars' Treasure  Science       
02/11/2020     Science       
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