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Hamilton's Pharmacopeia

Episode List: Hamilton's Pharmacopeia

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
10/26/2016 01-001  The Story of the South African Quaalude  Viceland       
11/02/2016   A Positive PCP Story  Viceland       
11/09/2016   Shepherdness  Viceland       
11/16/2016   Magic Mushrooms in Mexico  Viceland       
11/30/2016   Fish n' Trips  Viceland       
12/07/2016   The Lazy Lizard School of Hedonism  Viceland       
11/28/2017 02-001  The Psychedelic Toad  Viceland      0.13 
12/05/2017   Peyote: The Divine Messenger  Viceland      0.19 
12/12/2017   Kratom: The Forbidden Leaf  Viceland      0.17 
12/19/2017   Wizards of DMT  Viceland      0.13 
12/26/2017   Ketamine: Realms and Realities  Viceland      0.09 
01/02/2018   A Clandestine Chemist's Tale  Viceland       
01/09/2018   A Fungal Fairy Tale  Viceland       
01/16/2018   The Cactus Apprentice  Viceland       
01/16/2019   The Cactus Apprentice  Viceland       
01/04/2021 03-001  Synthetic Toad Venom Machine  VICE       
01/11/2021   A Positive Methamphetamine Story  VICE       
01/18/2021   Xenon: the Perfect Anesthetic?  VICE       
01/25/2021   Synethetic Ibogaine-Natural Tramadol  VICE       
02/01/2021   Bufotenine: In Search of Hataj  VICE       
02/08/2021   Ultra LSD  VICE