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Hidden City

Episode List: Hidden City

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12/06/2011 01-001  Chicago: John Dillinger; H.H. Homes and the White City; 1968 DNC Riots  Travel       
12/13/2011   Boston: Boston Strangler; Whitey Bulger; Great Brinks Robbery  Travel       
12/20/2011   Los Angeles: Black Dahla; John Holmes & Wonderland; LA Riots  Travel       
12/27/2011   Altanta: Great Locomotive Chase; Mark Barton Bursts the Bubble; Mexican Drug Cartel Land  Travel       
01/03/2012   New York City: Son of Sam; Sid and Nancy; Nicky Barnes  Travel       
01/10/2012   San Francisco: Zodiac; Harvey Milk; Gold Rush & the Committee of Vigilance  Travel       
01/17/2012   New Orleans: Katrina & the Incident at Danzinger Bridge; Sniper Mark Essex; Delphine Lalaur  Travel       
01/24/2012   Florida Keys: Pirate's Life Black Caesar; Who Killed Bum Farto; Edgar Watson and Dutchy M  Travel       
01/31/2012   Austin: Celeste Beard; Charles Whitman; Madalyn Murray O'Hair  Travel       
02/07/2012   Washington, DC: Robert Hanssen: Master Spy; The D.C. Sniper; Marion Barry  Travel       
02/14/2012   Seattle: Kurt Cobain; Barefoot Bandit; Chinatown & The Wah Mee Club  Travel       
02/21/2012   Anchorage: Robert Hansens' Most Dangerous Game; The Legend of Blackjack Sturges; Eskimo Hu  Travel       
10/03/2013   Anguish in Austin  Travel       
10/03/2013 02-001  Terror on the Tundra  Travel       
10/10/2013   Fear in the French Quarter  Travel       
10/10/2013   Kurt Cobain & The Barefoot Bandit  Travel       
10/17/2013   Harvey Milk & The Zodiac Killer  Travel       
10/17/2013   Unlocking the Keys  Travel       
10/24/2013   Trouble in Atlanta  Travel       
10/24/2013   Whitey Bulger & The Boston Strangler  Travel