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90 Day: The Single Life

90 Day: The Single Life

  • Premiered: 
    February 21, 2021
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  • Network: discovery+
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Spinoff of 90 Day Fiance 
  • Subject Matter: Relationship
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Plot Synopsis

In 90 DAY: THE SINGLE LIFE, six 90 DAY singles dust off their dating apps and diving back into the world of romance. Whether they are truly ready or not remains to be seen, but these singles are starting to mingle after their 90 DAY relationships crashed and burned. However, letting go of the baggage from their past international lovers proves difficult as they embark on a journey to navigate everything from first dates to falling in love again. Yearning to find their perfect partner with the help of friends, family, dating coaches, events and apps, will these hopeful romantics' love lives be hot and steamy or cold and lonely? 90 DAY: THE SINGLE LIFE debuted on discovery+ Sunday, February 21, 2021 with a 90-minute episode that introduced Ed, Colt, Danielle, Molly, Fernanda, and Brittany, who are on a mission to find love again. A new episode drops each Sunday. About the six singles in Season 1:

Big Ed (age: 55; San Diego, CA): After crossing the world to meet his former flame Rosemarie for the first time in the Philippines on 90 DAY FIANCE: BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Season 4, Big Ed is back home and looking to find love again. He enlists some professional help to improve his dating game, and decides to take a chance by asking out someone he's had a crush on for a while.

Brittany (27; Palm Beach, FL): Now stateside following a dramatic end to her relationship with Jordanian ex-boyfriend Yazan on 90 DAY FIANCE: THE OTHER WAY Season 2, Brittany is back on top with her signature, sexy style and attracting lots of attention. But she quickly finds that she's bitten off more than she can chew when she decides to date more than one guy at once.

Fernanda (22; Chicago, IL): Recently divorced from Jonathan, the man she moved from Mexico to the United States to marry on 90 DAY FIANCE Season 6, Fernanda is back on the market but struggles to let go of her past. She is upset after discovering that Jonathan has moved to Chicago with a new love, and she's determined to move on and find a new man - but before all that, she sets out to throw herself a divorce party.

Molly (45; Woodstock, GA): With her Dominican ex-husband Luis from 90 DAY FIANCE Season 5 firmly in her past, Molly is hopeful that a new romantic interest will restore her faith in men. But dating is complicated as Molly must balance her business and personal life, and after everything that happened with Luis, she needs to make sure any new man can get behind a strong, independent woman such as herself.

Danielle (47; Sandusky, OH): A rocky relationship from start to end on 90 DAY FIANCE Season 2, Danielle is three years out from her divorce from her Tunisian ex-husband Mohamed. Danielle has struggled with dating but is determined to get back in the game with the help of some friends. But will the reappearance of a blast from her past undo all the progress she's made to rebuild her life?

Colt (35; Las Vegas, NV): Colt is hoping that the third time is the charm now that he's moved on from his 90 DAY FIANCE Season 6 marriage and subsequent divorce from Brazilian Larissa, and his very messy breakup with Brazilian Jess on HAPPILY EVER AFTER? Season 5. As he looks to turn over a new leaf in his dating life, he sets his sights closer to home for a meaningful connection. But Colt struggles to convince a new love interest that he has learned from the mistakes of the past.

90 DAY: THE SINGLE LIFE made its linear television debut on Monday, August 9, 2021 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC.

The sophomore season of 90 DAY: THE SINGLE LIFE premiered on Friday, November 12, 2021, as discovery+ released the first episode of the new season. Seven 90 DAY franchise hopefuls are on a mission to prove it's never too late to find love! Moving past their failed romances. To do so, they must navigate the modern dating world and overcome cringe-worthy encounters, ghosting and, as is truly fitting for the franchise, traveling to other continents for a first date. For the first time in 90 Day history, two singles from different 90 DAY relationships connect and spark an interest in each other after ending things with their American exes. Season 2 made its linear television debut on Monday, March 14, 2022 at 8pm ET/PT on TLC. About the seven singles in Season 2:

Ed (56; San Diego, California): Over the years, Ed hasn't had the most luck with women -- but he's not giving up! Big Ed is back this season in pursuit of love and his dream woman. He's trying new things and expanding his criteria, dating women of different ages and in different area codes. His love journey takes him from San Diego, to Las Vegas and even to Mexico, where his beloved mother was born. Is true love waiting for Ed abroad, or will he find love closer to home?

Debbie (69; Las Vegas, Nevada): Like mother, like son! Ever since her son Colt got engaged on Season 1 of THE SINGLE LIFE and eloped with his now-wife Vanessa, Debbie has realized that it's time for mama to make a life of her own. As she dips back into the dating pool after being widowed for 13 years, Debbie quickly learns how much the dating landscape has changed over the years. Going on blind dates and testing out dating apps, she is hopeful that she'll find a partner who can fill the void left by her beloved husband of 27 years and by her son.

Syngin (31; South Africa): Syngin is at a crossroads in his life. When he met his wife Tania in South Africa and moved across the world to marry her on a K-1 Visa in 90 DAY FIANCE Season 7, he was convinced that he'd found his soulmate. But, after two years of a rocky marriage, their relationship has crumbled, and they have agreed to get a divorce. In order to make that change however, Syngin first needs to move out and decides to go big, moving across the country to start over and hopefully find his true soulmate.

Natalie (37; Ukraine): As viewers saw on the latest season of HAPPILY EVER AFTER?, things between Mike and Natalie seemed broken beyond repair. Now, Natalie is starting on a journey of new beginnings in sunny Florida, leaving her estranged husband behind in Sequim, Washington. As she processes the imminent divorce, Natalie looks to find a new man who she can be more compatible with and who can be the father of her future children. Along the way, she discovers that American dating customs differ drastically from those in the Ukraine, and finding Mr. Right is going to be harder than she thought.

Stephanie (30; New York, New York): Returning to the franchise and to the United States after leaving her ex-girlfriend Erika behind in Australia a year and a half ago, Stephanie has been through many highs and lows over the past few years. Continuing to manage her aplastic anemia, a life-long and life-threatening condition that causes bone marrow failure and weakens her immune system, Stephanie is now in remission and is looking to end her celibacy after two and a half years. Identifying as bisexual, she looks to try her luck dating men and women, but, she learns that getting back in the saddle isn't going to be easy.

Jesse (28; Netherlands): Five years after meeting his fiery American ex-girlfriend, Darcey, Jesse has emerged from the flames and is living his life to the fullest. Now based in Russia, Jesse has his dream career working in the luxury travel industry, but he still hasn't found the meaningful connection he has long searched for. Enter one Colombian model who shares more in common with Jesse than he could have ever imagined. After getting to know each other online and from a distance, Jesse is ready to travel across the world to see if they have enough in-person chemistry to make sparks fly.

Jeniffer (27; Colombia): After her relationship with Tim on BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Season 3 flopped, Jeniffer moved on with her life and aspirations for love. Looking for a "real man" who can satisfy all of her needs, she seems to have found a potential candidate online. Jesse and Jeniffer seem like a match made in heaven, but a secret Jeniffer has been keeping threatens to ruin the relationship before it truly begins. While her connection with Jesse is growing to the point where he has decided to meet her in Colombia, Jeniffer already has a man that she has been seeing locally and needs to decide what her heart wants, before it's too late.

Season 3 of 90 DAY: THE SINGLE LIFE premiered on Monday, September 12, 2022 from 8-10pm ET/PT on TLC and earlier in the day on discovery+. The new season follows six determined singles who are diving back into the world of romance after their failed international relationships. Tackling relationship challenges ranging from commitment-phobia to meddling matchmakers to ever-present ex-boyfriends, these six singles are taking another chance on love. As they re-enter the dating game, these singles will be thrown their fair share of curveballs. Will their budding romances hit it out of the park or, will they strike out once again? Season 3 feature the following six singles:

Debbie, 69 (Las Vegas, Nevada; most recently featured in The Single Life Season 2): Debbie's dive back into the dating pool last season on THE SINGLE LIFE may have been a royal flop, but the 69-year-old widow isn't ready to give up on romance just yet. Single and ready to mingle, Debbie continues her search for a partner who sees her for who she truly is: a fun, loving, kind-hearted woman who dreams of falling in love all over again. Debbie won't let a few failed dates get her down and with her relationship still on the rocks with her son Colt, she could use the support of a romantic partner now more than ever.

Caesar, 49 (Jacksonville, North Carolina; most recently featured in Before The 90 Days Season 3): 90 Day fans' favorite nail tech, Caesar, returns to the franchise in pursuit of true love - and this time he's not going to stop until he finds Mrs. Right. After a failed 5-year online relationship, Caesar is looking for a woman who's after his heart, not his wallet. With his 50th birthday around the corner, Caesar feels that time is ticking to find the woman of his dreams. Enlisting the help of a professional matchmaker in Kyiv, Caesar is determined to make his next romance stick.

Natalie, 37 (St. Petersburg, Florida; most recently featured in The Single Life Season 2): Since leaving her estranged husband Michael, self-described "love needy" Natalie has been on the hunt for a man with whom she can start the family she's always wanted. An aspiring model, Natalie moved to Florida where she fell for a handsome entrepreneur, who happens to run a modeling agency. The only catch: he already has children of his own from multiple women. Will the pair's magnetic attraction conquer all or will their baggage prove too much to bear - leaving Natalie back at square one?

Veronica, 36 (Charlotte, North Carolina; most recently featured in 90 Day: Pillow Talk): After several years of singlehood, 36-year-old Veronica is ready to make her dating scene debut once again. While 90 Day fans fell in love with her fiery personality, potential suitors find it hard to look past the fact that Veronica's ex-fiance, Tim, is still in the picture because he's not only her best friend but a father figure to her daughter. As a single mother struggling to find a man who will accept her ex-boyfriend turned bestie, Veronica fears that she'll end up alone with no one but her cats to keep her company.

Tania, 32 (Colchester, Connecticut; most recently featured in Happily Ever After Season 5): Free-spirited Tania has traded Connecticut for the scenic beaches of Aruba in the hopes of mending her broken heart. Tania still has a lot to process after ending her marriage to ex-husband Syngin over his disinterest in starting a family, but she's ready to give moving on the old college try. As she searches the tropics for someone to fill the void left by her lost love, Tania decides to widen her net. She's open to meeting men, women or any friend who will help her move on from her ex.

Tiffany, 30 (Frederick, Maryland; most recently featured in Happily Ever After Season 6): The new and improved Tiffany is ready to get back in the dating game after separating from her South African husband, Ronald. With the help of a weight loss surgery, Tiffany 2.0's confidence is at an all-time high and she is searching for someone who loves her kids as much as she does. She is craving a new romance, but moving on from the man that she spent the last 6 years of her life with will prove more difficult than she anticipated.
90 DAY: THE SINGLE LIFE returned for its fourth season on Monday, January 1, 2024 from 8-10pm ET/PT on TLC. Throughout the season, the singles navigate the world of online dating, first dates, first loves, and of course, the pain and heartbreak that comes when you navigate the world of dating. The Season 4 singles of 90 DAY: THE SINGLE LIFE are:

Debbie, 68, (Georgia): Debbie is on a quest to find love again. She is moving on from her past relationship with Oussama and trying to find an age-appropriate man who still turns her on. Her journey on 90 DAY: THE SINGLE LIFE will take her outside of her comfort zone and into a whole new world when she finds someone she can envision a future with if only her cop son, Julian, doesn't intervene.

John, 40 (Nevada): John, known for his many opinions about his brother Patrick's relationship with Thais and his bachelor lifestyle, steps out of his comfort zone as he starts dating a woman in Texas. She wants three things from their relationship: marriage, a child, and for John to move to Texas. John's journey will explore the complexities of moving from his carefree lifestyle to a more serious and committed way of living.

Tyray, 33 (California): Tyray is on a journey of personal growth and transformation, trying to overcome his insecurities after his experience getting catfished by his online girlfriend of four years. Despite his fears, Tyray will lean on his brothers to help him in his pursuit of love as he navigates the scary, yet exciting experience of dating in the real world.

Chantel, 32 (Georgia): Chantel's getting her groove back and she's ready for love. After her painful divorce with Pedro on THE FAMILY CHANTEL, Chantel decides to take control of her love life and travels to Greece on a girl's trip. During this fantasy trip that feels right out of a romance novel, Chantel debates whether she is ready to open her heart again. As memories of Pedro flood her mind, Chantel wonders if she is ready to fall in love with another foreign man.

Tim, 42 (North Carolina): Even though 90 DAY FIANCE fan-favorite Tim made his debut on the franchise with then-girlfriend Jeniffer from Colombia, it is his previous relationship with his ex-fiance, Veronica, that has really captivated viewers. Tim is paving his way in dating once again in this season, with the support of Veronica throughout. Will he find his true love this time around with the help of his ex-fiance and bestie?

Veronica, 37 (North Carolina): After several years of singlehood, Veronica is ready to find that special person. In this season, Veronica's commit to Jamal, only to have their relationship take a complicated turn. If there's one thing for certain, it is that Veronica's not giving up hope of finding the perfect soulmate, while still having her ex-fiance turned best friend, Tim, in her life.

Natalie, 39 (Ukraine): After months of long-distance dating, Natalie decides to make a significant move to Los Angeles to try things out with Josh. As Natalie tries to build a life with Josh in LA, she begins to realize that Josh's lifestyle might not be conducive to the future Natalie envisions for herself. Natalie dreams of having children and starting a family, and wonders if Josh can really give her what she needs.


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