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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
07/13/2013 01-001  Feast Beast; Brain Briefs  Disney XD       
07/20/2013   Monkey Business; Astro-blasters  Disney XD       
07/22/2013   Sticker Shock  Disney XD       
07/27/2013   Somewhere-Elser; Squid Pro Quo  Disney XD       
08/03/2013   One for the Ages; Copy Cat  Disney XD       
08/05/2013   Mask and Ye Shall Receive  Disney XD       
08/10/2013   Crash Course; A Night at West Iron High  Disney XD       
08/12/2013   CuRT Meets BuRT  Disney XD       
08/17/2013   Mind Licorice; The Iron Crown Affair  Disney XD       
08/19/2013   Sunset Towers  Disney XD       
08/24/2013   Brain Freeze; Party Out of Bounds  Disney XD       
09/09/2013   Squid Pro Quo  Disney XD       
09/14/2013   Spring Loaded  Disney XD       
09/21/2013   Bad Hair Day  Disney XD       
09/23/2013   Astro-Blasters  Disney XD       
09/28/2013   Tummy Trouble  Disney XD       
10/05/2013   Troll's BFF; Sunset Towers  Disney XD       
10/12/2013   Truth or Scare; Working for Peanuts  Disney XD       
10/19/2013   Birthday Bounty; Bubble Trouble  Disney XD       
10/26/2013   Shadow Boxers; For Whom the Bell Tolls  Disney XD       
11/02/2013   Return to Sender (Part 1 of 2); Return to Sender (Part 2 of 2)  Disney XD       
11/04/2013   Dream On  Disney XD       
11/09/2013   Off Road Rage; Fitness Crazed  Disney XD       
11/16/2013   Big Dan on Campus; Dan and the Volcano  Disney XD       
11/23/2013   Dan Phone; Dooley Noted  Disney XD       
12/04/2013   Christmas Evil; True North Strong & Freezing  Disney XD       
02/12/2014   Dan Phone; Dooley Noted  Disney XD       
02/14/2014   The Dan Who Would Be King; The Game  Disney XD       
02/18/2014   Squirrely Dan  Disney XD       
02/19/2014   Do Over Dan; What Goes Down Must Come Up  Disney XD       
02/20/2014   Bug Spray; Aqua Dan  Disney XD       
02/21/2014   The Song of the Mermoo; Dr. Strangeloves  Disney XD