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Ask This Old House

Episode List: Ask This Old House

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08/04/2022     PBS       
10/07/2021     PBS       
10/04/2012 11-001    PBS       
10/12/2013 Building a Garden Bed in New Mexico; Repairing a L    PBS       
10/08/2009 08-001    PBS       
10/20/2022     PBS       
03/06/2003 01-022  A Leaky Tub Faucet; What Is It?; Removing Wallpaper; Glue Guns  PBS       
02/20/2003 01-020  A New Sill; What Is It?; Rolling Paint; Sharpening Knives  PBS       
10/17/2002 01-002  A Plumbing Toolkit; Park the Car, Quietly; Safe Swinging  PBS       
04-007  A Roof, a Valve and a Tree  PBS       
01/23/2003 01-016  Aerating the Lawn; What Is It?; Hanging Pictures  PBS       
10/31/2002 01-004  Air Eliminator; Saving the Trim; Filling the Gaps  PBS       
05/12/2022   All About Hydrangeas, Refinish Deck Railing  PBS       
05/03/2014   All About Kitchen Renovations; Chef Michael Symon  PBS       
05/26/2022   All About Succulents, Under-Sink Water Filter  PBS       
11/18/2021   An AskTOH Barn Raising  PBS       
11/15/2004 03-007  Anode Rod Replacement; Water Diverter; What Is It?; Too Much Heat!  PBS       
02/11/2021   Automated Landscape, Modern Bench  PBS       
10/21/2017   Backsplash, Leak Detection, Rainwater  PBS       
01/10/2015   Basement Lighting System; Rejuvenate a Crabapple Tree  PBS       
12/05/2002 01-009  Basement Window; Painting Panels; Weed Trimmers  PBS       
06/02/2022   Basic Electrical Tools, Home Energy Assessment  PBS       
04/02/2016   Bathtub Overflow Drain; Antique Fixture  PBS       
11/15/2014   Beehive; Lighting  PBS       
10/18/2014   Beneficial Insects  PBS       
12/02/2010 Special  Best of Ask this Old House (200th Episode)  PBS       
10/15/2016   Bookshelf, Foundation Plants  PBS       
10/20/2012   Building a Custom Fireplace Mantle; Repairing a Leaking Kitchen Faucet  PBS       
03/01/2014   Building a High Tunnel Greenhouse in Mississippi; Converting Recessed Lights into Pendants  PBS       
04/12/2014   Building a Simple Table; Getting Rid of Tree Stumps  PBS       
02/02/2013   Building a Storage Bench; Soldering Copper Pipes  PBS       
11/14/2015   Butterfly Garden, Dark Closet  PBS       
12/16/2021   Camilla's Workshop  PBS       
02/09/2013   Caring for Orchids as Houseplants; Purchasing a Kitchen Wall  PBS       
04/11/2015   Ceiling Fan Replacement, Bonsai Tree  PBS       
01/20/2022   Celebrating 20 Years  PBS       
04/05/2014   Celebrating 300 Episodes  PBS       
01/03/2005 03-014  Chicago Door Glass Repair; Glass Expert; What Is It?; Pruning a Pin Oak  PBS       
05-009  Childproofing a Home for Safety; Installing a Water Powered Sump Pump  PBS       
01/02/2016   Childproofing, Falling Sink  PBS       
10/11/2014   Citrus Greening  PBS       
10/03/2015   Classroom Garden, House Fan  PBS       
03/07/2005 03-023  Clearing a Clogged Vent Stack; What Is It?; Building a Backyard Ice Rink  PBS       
04/03/2003 01-026  Clearing a Toilet; What Is It?; Attic Access; Tomatoes from Seed  PBS       
05-015  Clearing Clogged Drains; Installing Kitchen Cabinets  PBS       
01/16/2016   Coffee Tables, Grass Paver  PBS       
05/27/2021   Colors, Fireplace Upgrade  PBS       
02/07/2005 03-019  Composting; What Is It?; Removing a House Trap  PBS       
02/24/2022   Concrete Driveway, Spray Pain  PBS       
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