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Ask This Old House

Episode List: Ask This Old House

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04-001  Repair Loose Flagstones, Patch Hardwood Floors  PBS       
04-002  Squeaky Clean  PBS       
04-003  Water Wisdom  PBS       
04-004  The Reality of Repairs  PBS       
04-005  Wobbly Toilets and Leaking Foundations  PBS       
04-006  Landscaping Lifeline  PBS       
04-007  A Roof, a Valve and a Tree  PBS       
04-008  Testy Tree  PBS       
04-009  Raising the Roof  PBS       
04-010  Doing the Laundry  PBS       
04-011  Let It Snow!  PBS       
04-012  Water Heater Help  PBS       
04-013  Floors and Pipes  PBS       
04-014  Radar on Radon  PBS       
04-015  Sprinkler System Success  PBS       
04-016  Hammer and Patch  PBS       
04-017  Repair and Replace  PBS       
04-018  From Spruce to Seattle  PBS       
04-019  Humidifier Help  PBS       
04-020  When Hot is Not  PBS       
04-021  Energy Efficiency  PBS       
04-022  Repair, Solve, Stabilize, and Refinish!  PBS       
04-023  Drafty Doors and Faulty Faucets  PBS       
04-024  Dishwasher Safe  PBS       
04-025  The Secrets of Sump  PBS       
04-026  Mini-split and De-thatch?  PBS       
05-001  Repairing an Interior Door; What Is It?; Creating Privacy Screens  PBS       
05-002  Replacing a Clogged Aerator; Selecting Houseplants; Squeaky Subfloor  PBS       
05-003  Installing a New Shower Base; Installing a Rain Barrel  PBS       
05-004  Installing Garage Storage Cabinets; Installing a Ceiling Fan  PBS       
05-005  Planting Bulbs; Quieting Noisy Pipes  PBS       
05-006  Rebuilding a Small Exterior Deck and Stairs  PBS       
05-007  Home Energy Audit; Removing a Toilet Seat with Corroded Bolts  PBS       
05-008  Maintaining Stone Countertops; Installing a Chain Link Fence  PBS       
05-009  Childproofing a Home for Safety; Installing a Water Powered Sump Pump  PBS       
05-010  Installing Glass Tile on a Kitchen Backsplash; Repairing a Damaged Lawn with Sod  PBS       
05-011  Replacing Damaged Clapboard Siding; Felling Trees Safely  PBS       
05-012  Replacing a Shower Mixing Valve; Cordless Tool Batteries  PBS       
05-013  Mulching Garden Beds; Repairing a Sash-balancer in a Double-hung Window  PBS       
05-014  Pruning an Overgrown Weeping Willow Tree; Adding Zone Controls to a Hydronic Heating System  PBS       
05-015  Clearing Clogged Drains; Installing Kitchen Cabinets  PBS       
05-016  Removing an Overgrown Juniper Bush; Coiling an Extention Cord; Replacing a Pop-up Assembly in a Pedestal Sink  PBS       
10/10/2002 01-001  Repairing a Window Screen; Saving the Rain; Looking for Headroom  PBS       
10/17/2002 01-002  A Plumbing Toolkit; Park the Car, Quietly; Safe Swinging  PBS       
10/24/2002 01-003  Covering a Concrete Stoop; Battling the Skeeters  PBS       
10/31/2002 01-004  Air Eliminator; Saving the Trim; Filling the Gaps  PBS       
11/07/2002 01-005  Sanding Options; Digging Post Holes; Better Boiling  PBS       
11/14/2002 01-006  Repairing the Ceiling; Grinding the Stump; Shop Specs  PBS       
11/21/2002 01-007  Jacking It Up; Chainsaw Smarts  PBS       
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